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Euronaval 2008: Modellini E News


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Mega Yacht, Corvette or a Bit of Both?

What is this strange hybrid: the newest in the French trend to combine civilian comforts aboard naval ships (and I couldn't fit the back of the model in the photo but there is a waterfall pool from one deck to the next)?.


Sadly not. It is in fact just the model displayed by German shipbuilder Lürssen Werft GmbH & Co. at Euronaval to demonstrate that they not only build fast patrol boats, corvettes, frigates, OPVs, mine hunters and support vessels but also mega yachts. Mind you, perhaps mega yacht owners might like to combine a little military might to protect their toy!




e parlando di cose serie






Oto Melara Unveils Guided Gun System


Finmeccanica subsidiary Oto Melara unveiled a full-scale mockup of its 76 mm Super Rapid gun at Euronaval today, fitted with the Strales guidance system for the DART guided round. The company announced that it has closed the first export deal for the system, which has been sponsored by the Italian Navy as the main missile-defense system for Italy's FREMM frigates.




The fin-stabilized, subcaliber DART round is guided by a line-of-sight Ka-band radio beam, transmitted by an antenna attached to the gun turret. The beam has four lobes and the projectile automatically seeks the center where the four lobes meet. The beam can also act as a datalink to reset the multifunction fuze in flight. The unpowered projectile has demonstrated its ability to pull 40 g turns, enough to turn inside a 10 g-capable missile; Oto Melara is touting its capability against other threats, using timed airbursts against fast small boats, for instance.


Oto Melara is coy about the identity of its export customer, and about the next stages in the test program. Sea trials are due to start next year, but depend on the availability of a ship, and the company won't be drawn on the timing of tests against live targets. However, the schedule is designed to match the delivery of the first FREMM in 2011.

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altre foto











Novite modeli korveti i fregati na biuroto v Zelenogorsk (navremeto tam e stroen Smeli) :s12: e che vol di? bohhh :s03:

russi sembra



LCS (contrattano il 76/62 di oto quelli di Lockeed)useotogun.gif



ancora l'obbrobrio tedesco :s03:






e roba de casada :s03:


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ecco una buona notizia l' india ha fatto un ordine''fermo'' per una nave rifornitrice






per i mods credevo di poter eliminare il messaggio , per questo ho postato anche in blog e news .


cancellate dove ritenete più opportuno

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Le navi civili, ai sensi della legge internazionale, dovrebbero essere disarmate, ma i reali possono tranquillamente inserire i loro panfili nella flotta militare.

Non dimenticare che c'è chi come yacht personale si è fatto costruire una portaerei ;)

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