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Sukhoi Su-57 - discussione ufficiale

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Il 24/12/2019 in 12:28 , maxiss ha scritto:

Prima perdita (per guasto) 


Nonostante questo ... viene espressa piena fiducia nel programma ... mentre appaiono all'orizzonte alcuni potenziali acquirenti esteri ...


High-ranking officials rushed to support the Sukhoi Su-57’s manufacturer this month, claiming that the program remains on track following the crash of the first deliverable example late last year. 
Deputy chairman of the Russian government Yuri Borisov and defense minister Sergei Shoigu said that the Su-57 remains at the heart of the ongoing re-armament of Russian Air and Space Force (VKS) tactical aviation units and so the industrial program will go forward, regardless of whatever findings are made by investigators looking into the causes of the December 24 crash. 
Everything is all right; [the program’s] on track,” Borisov told journalists.
Apparently, this confirmation of the Kremlin’s commitment to the program has been expedited to encourage potential foreign customers to proceed with their plans to acquire the latest Russian fighter. 
Following the first public presentation of the exportable Su-57E at MAKS 2019, and the statements by top-ranking politicians, including President Putin himself, about the release of export clearance for this version, a number of long-standing overseas clients for Russian defense equipment have indicated their interest.

... ainonline.com ... Kremlin Confirms Su-57 Commitment as Foreign Orders Loom ...


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Da dove parte il missile?

Qualcuno in Cina si è già lanciato in ricostruzioni...


...ma qualcuno dubita che ciò che sembra un R-74 nella fantomatica stiva laterale ci stia e ipotizza un qualche accrocchio provvisorio con rotaia fissa in attesa di un missile più piccolo e di immagini chiare con un finora misterioso portello aperto...



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