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UFO su Google Earth


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lo hanno fatto apposta, quella è la forma di un UFo abbastanza famoso, ed i programmatori di google earth invece di giocare al solitario hanno deciso di fare questo

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Chi mi sa dire cos'è questo? :blink:



Per essere un UFO dovrebbe essere...un oggetto volante.

In realtà è un oggetto ben piantato per terra...


December 6, another email comment: “The Australian triangle is a ground-level enclosure. It has a fence around it, thus the wildlife and cattle cannot get in and graze, so the vegetation grows better there, and the ground is not disturbed, and so it appears darker than the surrounding terrain. This is no object thousands of feet in the air. The geometric configuration is absolutely consistent with what you see on a tall antenna array with staggered guy wires. The saw teeth are actually faint lettering that repeats lightly over and over in the background if you look closely and move around over the surrounding landscape. It looks to me like that is cattle ranching country. I can see other fence lines in the very near vicinity, and what looks like a cattle tank not far to the right, with faint trails around the corners of the triangular enclosure, consistent with the kind of path that cattle make. The 'lights' look to be places where the soil has been disturbed to pour footings for the guy wire anchors; it's ‘lights’ because the top layer of soil has been removed.”


December 5, email with comments from an alleged satellite photo analyst in the Department of Defense: Triangle (Google image) in Western Australia's Badgingarra National Park “is a radio tower. The viewing angle is 'upside down;' i.e. the top of the tower is pointing toward you. The triangular shape mirrors the outline of the six guy wires (the bright spots are where the wires are anchored to the ground). It may not be operational, as I don't see any control building or road leading to it. There are a couple of communications satellite stations in the region. At first I thought that it might be part of a larger complex, but a search of the area doesn't show any more masts.” Wonder if anyone else has other information?


Dec. 18, 2007 email from Australian resident: “(Triangle is) in an area I was fairly familiar with. The astronomy group I am in goes near there for star gazing as there is no light pollution. I made a trip up to investigate the Google earth mystery on Saturday, December 15, 2007. I 'interpolated' its position onto a map and we drove up. It is a large antenna and appears to be a component of the huge wind farm immediately adjacent to it. The wind farm supplies 80 megawatts of power for Perth and is remote-controlled from Perth power company that operates the wind farm. I think the very high antenna transmits sensor and instrumentation data as well as receiving the control signals from the Perth control centre. It is a very tall antenna with 3 sets of guy wires in a triangle formation. The growth and bushes are most likely cleared out of the antenna area. (We couldn't get close enough to see the base because the roads were blocked with gates and it is rolling hills). The place is fenced and the gates are locked. There are no warning signs, no 'use of deadly force' signs, nor is there any 'keep out' signs. The locked gates are there to keep the vandals and curiosity seekers out.



Un'antenna (di cui si vede anche l'ombra...), 6 cavi per tenerla in piedi (fissati al suolo dove si vedono le macchie chiare) e un po' di cespugli (protetti dagli animali da una recinzione)...


Saluti e baci

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UFO o non UFO che sia...Ma non mi dirai che quelli di Google fanno cose del genere... :unsure:


eheh... fanno anche di peggio.

In un punto preciso della mappa per esempio c'è una foto con una risoluzione molto maggiore di quelle comuni, in cui si vede pure la gente che cammina.

Se la trovo posto il link.

Oppure in un altra foto si vede un f15 preso dall'alto, ma è chiaro che si tratta di un fotomontaggio. Link

Di easter eggs, google earth è pieno.

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Se vai sulla spiaggia di sidney, vedrai un punto di alta risoluzione; oppure, in un luogo sperduto dell'africa centrale, riesci a vedere pure la gente che guarda stupita verso l'alto. Non vorrei essere polemico, ma mi pare che c'era una discussione su G.E. ...

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