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E' sufficiente consultare il sito dell'azienda .... http://www.spacex.com/ ....


.... o Wikipedia (meglio in inglese .... fonte più dettagliata) .... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SpaceX ....


.... o anche andare alla "home page" dei siti delle riviste "Aviation Week & Space Technology" e "Flight International" e digitare, nella casella di ricerca, la parola SpaceX .... avrai parecchio da leggere .... ;)

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SpaceX .... si punta al completo recupero del primo stadio del vettore in vista di successivo riutilizzo ....


The test was another step toward SpaceX's aim of fundamentally reducing launch costs by employing completely reusable rocket boosters that can be quickly refueled for another flight without rebuild or refurbishment.

To achieve this target, which could see the first test flight of a reused booster as early as 2015, the company plans to guide a discarded first stage to a powered landing at a yet-to-be-determined site along the Florida coastline this year.


Fonte .... "SpaceX Plans For Multiple Reusable Booster Tests" .... http://www.aviationweek.com/Article.aspx?id=/article-xml/AW_04_28_2014_p25-680195.xml


"SpaceX Successfully Soft-Landed Booster Rocket in the Atlantic" .... http://mashable.com/2014/04/25/elon-musk-spacex-booster-stage-atlantic/






Nelle immagini sono visibili, alla base del primo stadio, le 'gambe' estraibili destinate a consentire l'atterraggio verticale sul terreno ....

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Elon Musk, fondatore di SpaceX, tiene un'improvvisata conferenza stampa per annunciare di avere sporto denuncia nei confronti dell'Air Force .... nel tentativo di rompere il monopolio sino ad ora detenuto da ULA sui contratti relativi ai vettori militari ....




Frustrated in its attempts to crack the national-security space launch market, SpaceX has brought suit against the U.S. Air Force in an attempt to force “a handful” of the service’s procurement officials to open up competition for military and intelligence launches to the company’s Falcon 9 v1.1 and Falcon 9 Heavy rockets.


Fonte .... "Musk Files Suit To Overturn EELV Award" .... http://www.aviationweek.com/Article.aspx?id=/article-xml/awx_04_25_2014_p0-680747.xml


Inoltre ....


"SpaceX Suing to Stop EELV Block Buy" .... http://innerspace.net/eelv/spacex-suing-to-stop-eelv-block-buy/


"SpaceX files suit over EELV block buy contract" .... http://www.spacepolitics.com/2014/04/25/spacex-files-suit-over-eelv-block-buy-contract/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=spacex-files-suit-over-eelv-block-buy-contract



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Spettacolo (!!!!) se riesce.







The attempt will occur during the launch of the latest cargo-carrying Dragon capsule to the ISS at 7.31pm GMT (2.31pm EST) on Monday 16 December.
The Falcon 9 rocket carrying Dragon will take off from Florida’s Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.
After launch, at a height of about 56 miles (90km), the first stage of the rocket will separate from the second stage.
While the latter continues its mission into orbit, the former would usually be left to fall back into the ocean - as is the case on all other rocket launches.

However on this flight, for the first time ever, Space X will instead use a specially designed first stage capable of landing itself on a floating barge.

In a previous flight, a Falcon 9 first stage hovered above the surface of the ocean - without a barge - in a successful demonstration of the technology.














Non c'e altro da fare che aspettare il prossimo Lunedi.

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E' arrivato a pochi metri dalla piattaforma dopo tutte le manovre per farlo scendere a distanza di centinaia di kilometri.

Direi risultato eccezionale seppur è esploso.

Non avrei dato un fico secco a questa idea sul riuso degli stadi di un razzo.

Mi devo ricredere.

Forza Space X!!!

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SpaceX ha deciso di non procedere nella causa che aveva intentato all'USAF .....


"USAF To Boost Launch Competitions as SpaceX Shelves Lawsuit" ..... http://aviationweek.com/defense/usaf-boost-launch-competitions-spacex-shelves-lawsuit



Il precedente ..... "SpaceX Sues USAF, Seeks Vertical-Landing Permission" ..... http://aviationweek.com/space/spacex-sues-usaf-seeks-vertical-landing-permission

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Nuovo tentativo di recupero del primo stadio fallito .....


Private-sector spaceflight company SpaceX chalked up a partial success on 14 April, launching its supplies-laden Dragon capsule to the International Space Station, but failing to recover the first stage of its Falcon 9 rocket – which crashed on a barge meant to receive it following a powered descent.


Fonte ..... "SpaceX launch triumph falls short of rocket stage recovery" ..... http://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/spacex-launch-triumph-falls-short-of-rocket-stage-recovery-411299/


Da AW&ST ..... "Video: Falcon 9 Close Call" ..... http://aviationweek.com/space/video-falcon-9-close-call

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SpaceX è riuscita a spezzare il monopolio .....


SpaceX Certified for National Security Launches .....

Amy McCullough (5/27/2015)
The Air Force announced Tuesday evening it has certified California-based Space Exploration Technologies Corporation's (SpaceX) Falcon 9 rocket to compete for national security space launches following an exhaustive, and sometimes bumpy, two-year certification review.
“This is a very important milestone for the Air Force and the Department of Defense,” said Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James in a May 26 release ..... http://www.losangeles.af.mil/news/story.asp?id=123449064
The move is expected to drive down the cost of expensive space launches while also improving “our military’s resiliency,” said James.
United Launch Alliance, a Lockheed Martin and Boeing consortium, has been the sole national security launch provider since it was formed in December 2006.
“The Air Force invested more than $60 million and 150 people in the certification effort, which encompassed 125 certification criteria, including more than 2,800 discreet tasks, three certification flight demonstrations, verifying 160 payload interface requirements, 21 major subsystem reviews, and 700 audits in order to establish the technical baseline from which the Air Force will make future flight worthiness determinations for launch,” states the release.
Elon Musk, SpaceX CEO and lead designer, said, “This is an important step toward bringing competition to national security space launch. We thank the Air Force for its confidence in us and look forward to serving it well.”
A Falcon 9 blasts off from Vandenberg AFB, Calif., on Sept. 29, 2013.
The launch was one of many flights that counted towards SpaceX's EELV certification.
Courtesy photo.


Fonte ..... il 'Daily Report' dell' AFA .....


Inoltre ..... "SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket approved to launch US military satellites" ..... http://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/spacex39s-falcon-9-rocket-approved-to-launch-us-military-412774/

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Ambizioni senza confini .....


Elon Musk’s space company has asked the federal government for permission to begin testing on an ambitious project to beam Internet service from space, a significant step forward for an initiative that could create another major competitor to Comcast, AT&T and other telecom companies.

The plan calls for launching a constellation of 4,000 small and cheap satellites that would beam high-speed Internet signals to all parts of the globe, including its most remote regions.

Musk has said the effort “would be like rebuilding the Internet in space.”


Fonte ..... "SpaceX founder files with government to provide Internet service from space" ..... http://www.washingtonpost.com/business/economy/spacex-founder-files-with-government-to-provide-internet-service-from-space/2015/06/09/db8d8d02-0eb7-11e5-a0dc-2b6f404ff5cf_story.html

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Ed ora Musk punta alla Luna ...

Elon Musk said Monday SpaceX plans to fly two private citizens on a tourist mission around the moon by late 2018.
Musk would not name the two people, who he said approached the company and would pay for the flight.
The flight would last about a week, circle the moon and head out deeper into space before returning to Earth.
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La competizione fra SpaceX e ULA si infiamma ...

Elon Musk batte la concorrenza e ottiene dall'Air Force un importante contratto ...

SpaceX was awarded a $96.5 million contract on Tuesday to provide launch services for the third GPS III satellite, which is scheduled to launch from Cape Canaveral AFS, Fla., in February 2019.
Elon Musk’s space exploration company beat out United Launch Alliance in a competitive process.
Both bids “adequately met our criteria” on technical standards, and price was the decisive factor, said Claire Leon, launch enterprise director at Space and Missile Systems Center, in a phone conference with reporters Wednesday.


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Lanciato, con successo, il primo 'Falcon Heavy' ...


Billed as the world's most powerful booster since NASA's Saturn V, the Falcon Heavy rocket lifted off from Launch Pad 39A here at Kennedy Space Center (KSC) - the same site used by NASA's Apollo moon missions and space shuttles - at 3:45 p.m. EST (2045GMT).
"I'm really excited about today," SpaceX CEO Elon Musk told reporters after the launch.
"I'm really proud of the SpaceX team. They've done an incredible job of creating the most advanced rocket in the world, and the biggest rocket in the world."
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È stato il rientro del vettore centrale a lasciare un pochetto di amaro in bocca. Dei 3 motori stabilizzatori necessari a farlo atterrare sulla piattaforma drone in mare solo uno ha funzionato, facendo finire il vettore 90 metri più in là e distruggendo 2 motori. Ma le foto dello Starman sulla Tesla Roadster col braccio di fuori manco fosse sul lungomare di Catanzaro Lido al 10 agosto e la terra come sfondo sono bellissime.

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È stato il rientro del vettore centrale a lasciare un pochetto di amaro in bocca.

Dei 3 motori stabilizzatori necessari a farlo atterrare sulla piattaforma drone in mare solo uno ha funzionato, facendo finire il vettore 90 metri più in là e distruggendo 2 motori.

Ma le foto dello Starman sulla Tesla Roadster col braccio di fuori manco fosse sul lungomare di Catanzaro Lido al 10 agosto e la terra come sfondo sono bellissime.





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E Musk pensò al sabotaggio ...

His rocket had blown up into a spectacular fireball.
The Cape Canaveral launchpad that SpaceX had essentially built from scratch was now in ashes.
And Elon Musk was dumbfounded.
A week after the explosion in September 2016, with still no idea what caused the rocket to suddenly explode while being fueled ahead of an engine test, Musk vented on Twitter that the loss of the rocket was “turning out to be the most difficult and complex failure we have ever had in 14 years.”
On the Internet, where conspiracy theories were already percolating, some speculated that the “something else” was a projectile, maybe even a bullet or UFO.
On Twitter, Musk was asked about the possibility of something hitting the rocket, and he fueled speculation even further by saying, “We have not ruled that out.”
Although they didn’t say so publicly at the time, SpaceX investigators were looking seriously at sabotage, Musk and SpaceX President Gwynne Shotwell said in their most extensive public comments since the explosion.
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