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[Video] JASSM


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e cioè missile aria superfice.....? bei video..o letto ke quel tipo di armi e armi a lunga gittata essendo grosse vendono rilevate dai radar allora le fanno in materie plastiche

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si, infatti le JASSM sono missili cruise a tutti gli effetti, forse tu ti stai confondendo con le JDAM, che sono bombe a caduta libera a guida GPS

hai ragione, però non mi sto confondento con le JDAM bensi con le JSOW

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Joint Air to Surface Stand-off Missile


e cioè missile aria superfice.....?


Armi Stand-off sono tutti quegli ordigni, che siano bombe o missili, in grado di colpire con precisione bersagli senza la necessità di starci esattamente sopra.


Tutti i missili aria terra, quali Maverick e Hellfire, sono armi stand-off.

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a dire il vero, armi stand-off,sono quelle armi che permettono il lancio al di fuori della zona di pericolo (in poche parole fuori dall'ombrello contra-aereo del nemico),quindi devono avere una gittata elevata.infatti non ho mai sentito classificare i missili contro-carro come armi stand-off.

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Più JASSM-ER per l'USAF?

Dal "Daily Report" dell'AFA di questa mattina .... bhf5g7_th.jpg


Get All JASSMed About It ....


The Air Force has asked Lockheed Martin about increasing its Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile buy or adjusting its buy mix, said Frank St. John, company vice president of missiles and combat maneuver systems.

"Right now, the plan is about 50-50," said St. John on May 14 during a company media event in Crystal City Va.

That means the Air Force has been intending to split its annual purchase of 240 rounds between the baseline JASSM model and the extended-range variant.

The two versions have ranges of about 400 km and nearly 1000 km, respectively.

However, as the Air Force confronts a worsening anti-access, area-denial threat and only one of its three bomber types—the stealthy B-2—can survive enemy air defenses, standoff weapons will be more essential.

St. John said Lockheed Martin has the capacity to build "up to 360 a year" of either variant.

The Air Force may want to shift the bulk of the buy to the longer legged JASSM-ER as its nonstealthy bombers must stand off at increasingly longer distances.

"We are looking at different mixes," said St. John, adding that the company could cut in a bigger ER share with Lot 13 and Lot 14.

The Air Force's program of record calls for 4,900 total JASSMs.



—John. A. Tirpak


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Prossimo il test della versione anti-nave ....

Dal "Daily Report" dell'AFA di questa mattina .... bhf5g7_th.jpg


Anti-Ship JASSM Test ....


DARPA intends to test an anti-ship version of Lockheed Martin's JASSM cruise missile in July at Pt. Mugu, Calif., according to Frank St. John, vice president of the company's Missiles and Fire Control business.

The Long-Range Anti-Surface Missile, or LRASM, is externally "almost identical" to the company's JASSM Extended Range variant, said St. John.

It "gives up some range" to accommodate "added sensor capability," he said, but retains the same warhead.

The missile is designed to fly to a pre-set area and then look for its specific target autonomously.

The project is on an "accelerated development pace," said St. John; DARPA is taking advantage of the extensive flight testing already done on the JASSM and "the maturity of the baseline system."

If successful, the Air Force and Navy could add LRASM to their inventories.

Australia and Finland are possible foreign users, said St. John, since they are also buying JASSM.

DARPA is pursuing the project to fulfill a near-term need for a stealthy, long-range standoff missile useful against fixed or naval targets.

The Navy launched the Offensive Anti-Surface Warfare project in 2010, and is seeking a missile that can operate with or without the help of satellite guidance.

—John A. Tirpak



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Superato il test di "sfondamento" ....

Dal "Daily Report" dell'AFA di questa mattina .... bhf5g7_th.jpg


JASSM Variant Passes "Push Through" Testing ....


Lockheed Martin completed tests with the MK 41 Vertical Launch System that demonstrated that its Long-Range Anti-Ship Missile design works with the launcher, according to company officials.

"These test results verified that the LRASM vehicle can break through the VLS cover without damage at realistic flight speeds," said Scott Callaway, the company's LRASM surface launch program manager, in a June 3 release.

Four consecutive tests with a simulated LRASM showed that the "push through" did not result in damage to the composite structure or missile coatings, states the release.

These tests were part of the risk-reduction activities that the company is undertaking to mature the anti-ship missile design, which it is developing under DARPA and Navy sponsorship.

LRASM is based on the company's Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile Extended Range.

The company is offering both surface-launched and air-launched variants to the Navy and Air Force.

Planned for later this year is the launch of a LRASM boosted test vehicle from an MK 41VLS, followed by two government-funded controlled test vehicle flights in 2014.


See also Anti-Ship JASSM Test.





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E Lockheed ottiene un contratto .... dalla Finlandia ....

Dal "Daily Report" dell'AFA del 12 Giugno .... bhf5g7_th.jpg


Lockheed Martin Receives $34 Million JASSM Contract ....


Lockheed Martin received a $34.2 million foreign military sales contract from the Air Force to support additional integration of the autonomous, precision guided Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile onto the Finnish air force's F-18C/D aircraft.

This contract includes test missiles, software development, and engineering documentation, states the company’s June 10 release.

Airworthiness activities will occur at NAS Patuxent River, Md., followed by flight testing at the Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division in China Lake, Calif.

"JASSM's capabilities and proven reliability will play an essential role in assisting the Republic of Finland to achieve their national defense objectives," said Bob Adams, international program manager of long-range strike systems at Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control.

The first contract was awarded in 2012, which initiated the six-year integration, production, and sustainment effort.

The program is a joint effort between the Air Force, Navy, Lockheed Martin, and the Finnish air force.


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JASSM ... battesimo del fuoco per la versione 'Extended Range' ...


US, French and British aircraft fired several cruise missiles at chemical weapons research and production facilities in Syria on 13 April, resulting in the combat debut of the Lockheed Martin AGM-158 Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile Extended-Range.
Taking off from a base in Qatar, two Boeing B-1B Lancer bombers fired 19 JASSM-ER weapons, a stealthy cruise missile which boasts a range of greater than 500mi.
The extended-range version of JASSM was introduced into service with the US Air Force in 2014 and hadn't been used in combat before.
The missiles were likely launched outside of Syrian airspace.
The B-1B Lancer has a payload of 75,000lb (34,000kg) and can carry 24 cruise missiles.
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Ulteriori informazioni dal sito dell'AFA ...


The strike marked the first use of the AGM-158B Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile-Extended Range weapon in combat. Two USAF B-1B Lancers from the 34th Expeditionary Bomb Squadron launched a total of 19 JASSM-ERs. The two bombers, deployed from Al Udeid AB, Qatar, entered Syrian airspace from the south and were escorted by a USMC E/A-6B Prowler.



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Una versione 'XR' per il 'JASSM' ...

Dalla pagina 'Contratti' del DoD del 10 Settembre 2018 ...


Lockheed Martin Corp., Orlando, Florida, has been awarded a $51,078,802, cost-plus-fixed-fee contract for Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile Extreme Range (JASSM-XR). 
This contract effort includes all all-up round level systems engineering and programmatic activities to align and phase the work necessary to design, develop, integrate, test, and verify component and subsystem design changes to the JASSM-XR baseline electronics, hardware, firmware, and operational flight software. 
JASSM-XR will also include preparation for final all-up round integration, system-level ground and flight testing, qualification, and incorporation into a future production baseline engineering change proposal. 
This effort will concurrently mature a new missile control unit and necessary hardware and infrastructure to support future JASSM-XR production cut in. 
Work will be performed in Orlando, Florida, and is expected to be completed by Aug. 31, 2023.  
This award is the result of sole-source acquisition.  
Fiscal 2017 and 2018 research and development funds in the amount of $4,898,622 are being obligated at the time of award. 
Air Force Life Cycle Management Center, Eglin Air Force Base, Florida, is the contracting activity (FA8682-18-C-0009).

Inoltre ...

airforcemag.com ... Lockheed Martin Developing "Extreme-Range" JASSM Variant ...

flightglobal.com ... US Air Force looks for new maker of Joint Air to Surface Standoff Missiles ...

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Per quanto l'ormai datato AGM-86 fosse più grosso e con una maggiore autonomia, era evidente la necessità di disporre di un cruise nettamente più avanzato e che, anche grazie alle ridotte dimensioni, fosse impiegabile da un maggior numero di piattaforme, senza scomodare necessariamente i bombardieri.

Il JASSM finora rispondeva a questi requisiti ma, quanto a testata e autonomia, era come detto di classe inferiore.

Per il JASSM XR Flightglobal parla di raddoppio di autonomia rispetto allo ER che già l’aveva più che raddoppiata rispetto al JASSM base, passando da un turboreattore a un turbofan e con un serbatoio più grande inserito comunque nella medesima (relativamente piccola) cellula. Ci sta.

Per raddoppiare di nuovo l’autonomia le modifiche nell'XR non possono però limitarsi ad un nuovo computer, un nuovo GPS e un’ala riprogettata.

Popular mechanics parla di serbatoio ulteriormente ingrandito…


This probably involves an even larger fuel tank


Il che lascerebbe pensare che la cosa verrebbe fatto a scapito magari della testata.

Altri però si sbilanciano decisamente…


Lockeed (senza "h" e senza Martin...sigh) has been working on an "Extreme Range" variant of its AGM-158 JASSM since 2004. The company then entailed a stealthy, 5,000 pound-class weapon that can fly out to 1,000 nautical miles to deliver a lethal payload up to 2,000 pounds precisely on target


Qua a raddoppiare non è solo l’autonomia, ma anche il peso e la testata, il che, più che a un’ala nuova farebbe pensare a qualcosa di più grosso e al limite del peso caricabile ai piloni di un cacciabombardiere.

Forse è esagerato...

Altri ancora fanno un bel mix e ci dicono che il nuovo XR è destinato a bombardieri e a non meglio precisati “heavy strike aircraft” (beh, se non altro escludiamo l’F-16…), ma che avrà una testata più leggera.



Early, Lockheed Martin reported that JASSM-XR variant will have the range to over 1,000 miles, but would only be carried on bombers and heavy strike aircraft.

Also claimed that the JASSM-XR warhead, which would probably be lighter than the current J-1000 dual-purpose (blast-fragmentation/penetration) payload, would be able to pierce more than 7.5m of reinforced concrete. Options under consideration include boosted-penetrator designs.



Che dire…L’unica informazione giusta si spera sia quella in cui tutti concordano: il raddoppio dell’autonomia…

Per il come si attende che qualcuno li metta d’accordo…

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