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Tra le altre cose uno degli step del Block 4 introduce le SDB II battezzate GBU 53/B StormBreaker https://www.janes.com/article/81956/stormbreaker-enters-operational-test-phase Poco interess

Forse può essere interessante soffermarsi su qualche aspetto della struttura dell’F-35 e sulla sua evoluzione a partire dal primo prototipo, per arrivare ai velivoli di serie, che hanno recepito quant

In realtà, anche se a prima vista non sembra, il tettuccio dell’F-35 è in un pezzo singolo... Il montante è un supporto che fa da appoggio all’interno, ma non divide il plexiglass in due, pe

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Quattro : praticamente quasi tutti quelli presenti ad Amendola .


Che vadano a stressare gli squadron di Aviano , che magari sono in procinto di passare le ferie in Siria ?


Oppure vogliono sfruttare l'area addestrativa nel nord Adriatico .

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La Turchia riceverà, a giorni, il suo primo F-35A ... ma le polemiche continuano ...

The U.S. government is proceeding with plans to deliver the first F-35 to Turkey, with the country set to accept its first jet on June 21 despite opposition from some in Congress.
A Lockheed Martin spokesman confirmed to Defense News that it’s still gearing up for a rollout ceremony at its production facilities in Fort Worth next week.
“The F-35 program traditionally hosts a ceremony to recognize every U.S. and international customer’s first aircraft.
The rollout ceremony for Turkey’s first F-35 aircraft is scheduled for June 21,” the spokesman said in a written statement to Defense News.
“The aircraft will then ferry to Luke Air Force Base, Arizona, where Turkish pilots will join the F-35A training pool.”
Anche qui ... flightglobal.com ... Lockheed Martin to deliver first F-35A to Turkey next week ...
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Finchè l'aero resta a Luke , il danno è minimo .


Ma quando qualche macchina atterrerà in Turchia , allora la frittata sarà fatta .

I russi stanno per vendere ai turchi un sistema missilistico ; chi potrà impedire al loro personale tecnico di compiere una visita di cortesia al sito turco degli F-35 ?


Qualche integrazione su un articolo il cui titolo lascia sorpresi :



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Erdogan ha addirittura rincarato la dose proponendo ai russi di sviluppare assieme l'S-500 ....


Dalla Turchia ... http://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/turkey-proposes-russia-joint-production-of-s-500-missiles-133279?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=post&utm_campaign=turkey-proposes-russia-joint-production-of-s-500-missiles-133279&utm_term=post


Dalla Russia ... https://sputniknews.com/military/201806141065389857-turkey-erdogan-missiles/


Dunque il 'sultano' alza la posta ...

Si tratterà di vedere sino a qual punto glielo lasceranno fare ...

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Tornando alle migliorie che potrebbero essere apportate al motore ... un commento a sei mani da AW&ST ...


Directed-Energy Capability Targeted By Pratt F-35 Engine Upgrade Plan ...
Guy Norris, Joe Anselmo and Michael Bruno - Aviation Week & Space Technology - June 15, 2018
Pratt & Whitney is refining its proposed upgrade path for the F135 Joint Strike Fighter engine to include increased power and thermal management (PTMS) capability following feedback on its initially proposed upgrade package from the F-35 Joint Program Office.
Additional power and thermal management capability will enable the use of directed-energy weapons and other advanced offensive and defensive systems and, if approved, would feature in an upgrade package called Growth Option 2.0 (GO2).
Pratt & Whitney, which would roll PTMS into a suite of compressor and turbine enhancements originally proposed in the first upgrade package, G01, says the complete upgrade could be available within four years of getting the official go-ahead.
Growth Option 1.0, which was floated with the JPO in 2017, offered 5% fuel reductions and as much as 10% higher thrust.
Offered as a cost neutral upgrade, it was always meant to form part of a longer term, two-stage improvement road map for the F-35 engine under plans first unveiled by the manufacturer in 2015.
However, with the move to combine GO1 and 2 into a more complete enhancement package, Pratt is tailoring the revised proposal to closer match the F-35 upgrade road map recently outlined under the C2D2 continuous improvement strategy.
GO1 builds on core technologies evaluated from 2013 onward using the modified F135 test engine XTE68/LF under the U.S. Navy-sponsored Fuel Burn Reduction (FBR) program.
It also incorporates design improvements developed under the U.S. Air Force-supported component and engine structural assessment research (Caesar), which focused on the F119 engine for the F-22, the predecessor of the F135 powerplant.
Though focused on integrating enhanced thermal management, GO2 will leverage more of the adaptive engine technology features in development at Pratt through Air Force and -Navy-supported initiatives.
These largely stem from the Air Force-led Adaptive Engine Technology Demonstration (AETD), as well as the follow-on adaptive engine transfer program (AETP), which is targeting development of the XA101 variable cycle engine for sixth-generation fighters.
The chief focus for these new AETD, AETP and XA101 engine cycles is the addition of a third air stream to provide either greater combat power or more range, depending on the phase of the mission.
However, the “GO” upgrade packages can take advantage of the broader variable-cycle approach, says Matthew Bromberg, president of Pratt & Whitney Military Engines.
“Adaptive refers to many other elements of the engine as well, not just the third stream. Yes, there is a third stream, but we are also looking at adaptive elements in controls and components inside the engine such as an adaptive turbine.”
“We have widened the aperture and are looking at adaptive elements across the engine,” he adds.
“As these mature we will look at what we can do with the technology in an existing engine ,and that’s the concept in GO1. And GO2 is exactly the same thing. It just adds the PTMS capability which we missed last year. We didn’t have that in terms of the requirements when we packaged GO1, and that was the feedback we got from the customer. With a PTMS solution this can meet all the C2/D2 requirements, and I think that’s compelling.”
Designed to be a drop-in replacement for the current engine, the GO2 package will not require other system upgrades outside of the propulsion system.
“There’s more we can do with Lockheed Martin and other suppliers if we go outside the engine, but this is all within the engine,” says Bromberg.
Although providing few specifics he adds, “It is leveraging all the bleed systems, the generation systems.”
Pratt, meanwhile, continues tests of the new technology future fighter engine core, which will provide the basis for the XA101.
Although the company declines to offer any details of the work, it follows the successful completion of tests of a three-stream fan system on a modified F135 under the AETD program.
Results from the core tests will feed into the AETP effort that forms the basis for the XA101 engine.


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Imminente consegna del primo F-35A alla Turchia ... aumentano le pressioni della classe politica USA sul governo per impedire che ciò avvenga ...
Dal sito dell'AFA (06/18/2018) ...

Lawmakers Urge Mattis to Block F-35 Sales to Turkey ...
A group of 44 lawmakers are urging Defense Secretary Jim Mattis to block the sale of F-35s to Turkey, following Turkish actions in Syria and its plan to buy Russian-made air defenses.
“Contrary to its NATO obligations and the expectations that should govern a responsible ally, Turkey is actively operating to undermine US interests around the world,” the bipartisan group of lawmakers wrote in a Thursday letter to Mattis.
“Turkey’s repeated military actions against American interests, relentless degradation of human rights and democracy under President Erdogan, and clear intention to build a strategic partnership with Russia have completely eroded the US-Turkey relationship.”
Turkey is set to receive its first F-35A on June 21, however, the lawmakers write that they have “no confidence” the country will use the aircraft “responsibly” in the region, based on Turkey’s history targeting US-backed Kurdish YPG forces inside Syria and Kurdish Peshmerga inside Iraq.
“It is hard to imagine a more compelling case for re-evaluating the delivery of US military technology to a foreign state,” the letter states.
“We must hold Turkey accountable for conduct that threatens US national security, undermines the interests of our partners and allies, and represents a broadside attack against fundamental democratic values.”
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In fase avanzata negli Stati Uniti i collaudi del Joint Strike Missile norvegese in vista della sua integrazione sul Lightning II ...

US-Norwegian Team Completes Major Segment of Joint Strike Missile Testing ...
A joint US-Norwegian team has completed “a large phase” of testing for the Joint Strike Missile, the advanced anti-surface warfare missile designed for the Norwegian Armed Force’s F-35A, the US Air Force said Friday (*).
The 416th Flight Test Squadron at Edwards AFB, Calif., led the testing of the missile with Norwegian government and industry personnel.
In Friday’s announcement, the service said that before moving to integration testing on the F-35A, the missile was tested on F-16s, “a much more proven and mature platform in terms of technology development,” according to Collin Drake, 416th FLTS JSM project engineer.
Drake said that with the F-35 still in development, it is more efficient and effective to use F-16s for mid-cycle tests.
Testing included different versions of the missile, with increasing levels of complexity and capability, and all versions were inert until the final flight test events, during which the missile hit a target with full mission systems software and guidance.
Live releases of the missile were conducted at the Utah Test and Training Range.
- Steve Hirsch
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La Turchia reagisce alle pressioni da parte di USA e NATO ...

Moves by the US Senate and members of the House of Representatives to block the delivery of the Lockheed Martin F-35 to Turkey have intensified, increasing tensions with Ankara.
The US Senate passed the 2019 National Defense Authorisation Act on 18 June with a clause that would stop the delivery of the F-35 to Turkey.
Passage of the authorisation bill came three days after a bi-partisan group of US representatives wrote a letter to Secretary of Defense James Mattis, asking him to block the F-35 deliveries.
Lockheed is scheduled to roll-out the first completed F-35A ordered by the Turkish air force on 21 June.
--- --- ---
Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım criticized the US Senate vote on June 19, according to Hurriyet Daily News (*), a Turkish publication.
“The decision is an unfortunate development,” he said.
“Turkey is not without alternatives. Such attempts are regrettable and goes against the soul of strategic partnership.”



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Noi invece ci diamo la zappa sui piedi :




p.s. quale uccellino ha detto a Panorama che il M346 K interessa Israele ?


Quello che mi chiedo io, invece, è ... ma esiste veramente (o esisterà in futuro) una versione 'K' del 346 o se l'è inventata l'estensore dell'articolo ?

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Se per 346K si intende il fantomatico “cacciabombardiere tascabile” monoposto che sta ormai diventando una barzelletta, mi pare che Leonardo non abbia intenzione di svilupparlo.
Israele ha fatto fare qualche volo a un po’ di gente importante sul suo Lavi (biposto) e questo potrebbe voler dire che gli Israeliani forse avranno bisogno di qualche trainer in più per le proprie scuole di volo (aperte ad altri?) e non certo di un velivolo da attacco al suolo dei poveri…che loro non sono di sicuro.




Staremo a vedere se l’Italia sull’F-35 farà questo “passo indietro quasi certo”, se non altro perché l’unica certezza con questo governo è che alla sera si rimangiano quanto detto la mattina.
Insomma questo articolo di Panorama, più che dimostrare che ci stiamo dando la zappa sui piedi, è scritto coi piedi e la degna conclusione di un articolo pedestre è l’affermazione che francesi si stiano accordando coi tedeschi per sviluppare il prossimo caccia europeo dal “francesissimo”…Typhoon.

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Nonostante tutto ... :scratch:
Secondo il quotidiano turco Hürriyet ...

A highly anticipated ceremony for the delivery of Turkey’s first two F-35 fighter jets from the United States will take place at the defense contractor Lockheed Martin’s headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas on June 21, despite successive attempts by the U.S. Congress to block the supply of the new generation fighters to its NATO ally.
Lockheed Martin will conduct a rollout ceremony in Fort Worth and the jets will move on to Luke Air Force Base in Arizona where Turkish F-35 pilots and technicians will receive training, Pentagon spokesman Mike Andrew said.
He declined to comment on the bill passed by Congress to block the delivery of the jets, saying “Turkey is one of the key members of NATO and a participant of the F-35 development project.”
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Viaggetto mica da poco :




800 km in andata e altrettanti in ritorno più il tempo di missione ( alcuni minuti probabilmente ).


Mi domando se abbiano usato il rifornimento in volo , es. da Ramstein.

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Turchia ... la consegna è avvenuta ...

Lockheed Martin officially presented the first F-35A fighters to Turkey in a 21 June rollout ceremony in Fort Worth, Texas.
Turkey is not expected to receive the stealth fighter into its own airspace until 2020, though the country’s pilots will begin training on the new aircraft at Luke AFB, Arizona at the end of the month.
Turkish aircraft maintainers have already begun their training at Eglin AFB, Florida.
The formal roll-out ceremony for the Turkish F-35 comes just days after the US Senate and members of the House of Representatives moved to block the delivery of the aircraft to Turkey.
Intanto ... la Russia ... ironizza ...
... it.sputniknews.com ... In bocca al lupo, F-35 ! ...
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USMC ... meno uno ...

An F-35B that erupted into flames after a faulty bracket issue nearly two years ago has been struck by the Marine Corps, making it the first loss of an F-35 for the Corps.
The Corps made the determination that the costs to repair the costly high-tech fighter would not be worth the return on investment.
Fonte: marinecorpstimes.com ... The Marine Corps has lost its first F-35 ...
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