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La Wasp, con i suoi F-35B a bordo, si sta preparando al ritorno in patria ...


After less than a year in Japan, the amphibious warship USS Wasp (LHD-1) is preparing its sailors to return to the East Coast next year, USNI News has learned.
Wasp, one of two amphibious warships certified to operate Marine F-35B Lighting II Joint Strike Fighters, is set to return to Naval Station Norfolk, Va., in late 2019 as part of a previously set plan to balance the F-35B capability across both coasts, a defense official confirmed to USNI News.
A U.S. Pacific Fleet spokesperson confirmed the ship would eventually move to Norfolk but would neither provide a timeline for the move nor what ship would replace Wasp, citing a Pacific Fleet policy of not discussing future ship movements.

Fonte: ... USS Wasp Headed Back to Norfolk Next Year after Brief Japan Deployment ...



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USN & USMC ... tira aria di crisi per le loro aviazioni ...


US Navy and Marine Corps aircraft availability has continued to suffer and decline since 2011 due to old age, poor depot maintenance and parts shortages, among other issues.
That’s according to the Government Accountability Office, which said the USN and USMC generally did not meet aircraft availability goals in fiscal years 2011 - 2018 for the seven aircraft it reviewed.

Fonte: ... GAO: US Navy and Marine Corps aircraft readiness declined since 2011 ... 

La pagina del GAO contenente i relativi links ... ...

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Il 18/5/2016 in 23:28 , Flaggy ha scritto:

Per il requisito dell’elicottero di addestramento US Navy Leonardo propone un adattamento dell’AW119 (TH-119) ...

L'elicottero ha recentemente effettuato il primo volo ...

Anche qui ...

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