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ICBM, porte aperte e .... pisolini ....


Leaving the Door Open to More Scrutiny ....


On two occasions this year, Minuteman III launch control officers violated Air Force safety rules by deliberately leaving the blast door to their launch control center open while one of the two crewmembers inside the center slept, reported the Associated Press on Tuesday.

The first case happened at Minot AFB, N.D., in April; the second incident occurred in May at Malmstrom AFB, Mont., according to the wire service's Oct. 22 report.

In each case, the Air Force meted out administrative punishment to the launch crew commander and deputy commander, stated AP.

While the Air Force instruction on ICBM weapon safety allows for one crewmember at a time to nap on duty in the LCC, it states that both crewmembers must be awake if the center's blast door is open, according to AP.

This is to prevent someone from gaining unauthorized access to the center.

"This is not a training problem. This is some people out there are having a problem with discipline," Lt. Gen. James Kowalski, head of Air Force Global Strike Command, told AP.

The security of the crews' Minuteman missiles was not compromised in either case, according to the report.




Fonte .... il "Daily Report" dell'AFA .... 2mpl6b5.jpg

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Grandi manutenzioni ...

The Air Force completed the first programmed depot maintenance of a nuclear launch facility since its activation in the 1960s.
The first launch site belongs to Malmstrom AFB, Mont. The remainder of the sites at Malmstrom, F.E. Warren AFB, Wyo., and Minot AFB, N.D., will be completed over the next eight years and will then remain on an eight-year PDM cycle.
Gen. Ellen Pawlikowski, commander of Air Force Materiel Command, visited all three ICBM bases last week including a May 10 visit to the Malmstrom site where members of the 583rd Missile Maintenance Squadron, formerly Rivet Mile, were completing their work.
Gli esordi ... in un documentario dell'USAF ...


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Altro giro ... altra corsa ...

I Minuteman III si avviano a diventare 'eterni' come i B-52 ...


Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff USAF Gen. Paul Selva said Thursday the Air Force’s intercontinental ballistic missiles may need a fourth refurbishment program to extend their viability before the Ground-Based Strategic Deterrent becomes available in the late 2020s.
“The Minuteman III was put in the ground in 1973 with a plan to do two life extensions,” Selva said at a Strategic Deterrent Coalition conference outside Washington, D.C. 
“We are now on the third and may have to do a fourth before we can get its replacement in the ground.”
GBSD, in development at Boeing and Northrop Grumman, is expected to begin entering service in fiscal 2029.

 ... airforcemag.com ... Selva: DOD May Again Refurbish ICBMs ...

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