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Hello from Germany...


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Hello to all of you...


sorry - but I can't speak italian, only latin, which I learned in school, so I can "think" of many words what they mean...


I'm 50 years old, married and we have a son of 14, who is a very good table-tennis-player. My hobby is modern military mail, which I collect since around 1982, when the german army started with their first execise incl. army post offices. Actually I collect all I can reach - and of course many italian soldiers have written to me.


My only problem is: Sometimes I can't reach them, as I have no adress - so my question: does anybody know, how to write for example to commander of TF Aquila at KFOR?


I would be glad, if anyone could help me. (A mail to italian army was not answered)


To look, what I mean: http://www.bw-feldpost.de/cms


@Mods: If you have problems with my thread: please delete/move/translate it!

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Ich übersetze auf italienisch fuer Sie ;)


Il signore ha una passione per la corrispondenza militare e dice di aver scritto a molti soldati italiani,i quali gli hanno risposto.

Ora chiede se qualcuno sa com'è possibile scrivere per esempio alla Task Force Aquila impegnata nella missione Kfor in Kosovo.





I know that in Kosovo there is a post office located in a military (italian) base. The address is "Villaggio Italia base" in Belo Polje (this is the name of the town)

Italy has a "green telephon number" too,where italian citizens can send messages to italian soldiers in kosovo. This number is 800250025,and there is a radio too (Radio west : http://www.esercito.difesa.it/root/chisiamo/radio_west.asp ).

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