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India: Eurofighter to bid for Air Force contract


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The Press Trust of India


January 30, 2006 Monday




HEADLINE: Eurofighter to bid for Air Force contract


DATELINE: New Delhi Jan 30


With the government about to issue global tenders for acquisition of 126 multi-role combat aircraft, more players, including Europe's new generation Eurofighter, are entering the bid for a contract estimated to be in the range of about 8-10 billion dollars.


"The Typhoon-Eurofighter will bid for the India Air Forces' tender," Malcom Haworth Director of UK-based Export Services Organisation told reporters here today.


His comments come as reports indicated that the French Dassult aviation may also pitch in their Rafale fighters in the contest.


The Indian deal is already acquiring stiff competitive dimensions with five major aviation giants throwing in their bid including US' Lockheed-Martin and Boeing, French Dassault, Swedish Gripen and Russian MIG-29.


With India's major armament exhibition Defense-Expo 06 opening tomorrow with accent on land and naval systems, major aviation companies are also waving their flags.


Lockheed-Martin top executive Robert H Trice today said executives from his companies would be meeting their Indian counterparts during the Expo to line up strategic partnerships, including transfer of technology to support Indian National priorities a well as look for avenues for exports of joint products in the region and in the global sphere.


The British executive also indicated that besides making the pitch for Typhoon fighters, UK was also looking for major naval contracts on mine-counter majors, artillery systems as well as sale of Merlon 101 helicopters a joint venture with the US Lockheed-Martin.


Haworth said British companies were also bidding for smaller contracts for various land warfare systems and specialised items like nuclear shelters. "They may not be high profile items but the sheer quantity of demand makes their sale and services highly lucrative," he said.


On the offer of Typhoon, the British executive said though the Eurofighter had not taken part in Indian Government's Request For Information (RFI), they were keen to bid for their fighters - expected to roll out by next year - if they were allowed to participate in the tenders by the government.


On whether there would be any hiccups in the Indo-US tie-ups in high technology, the Lockheed-Martin Vice President Bob Trice said the recent trend in relations between Washington and New Delhi indicated that the US government and Congress would have no objections to transfer of high technology items.


On the offsets being made mandatory in new defence contracts by the Defence Ministry, Trice said Lockheed Martin was looking at major Indian companies like BHEL and HAL for a long-term strategic partnership.


"We are getting a better understanding of the policy which is being evolved," he said asking Lockheed Martin to tailor its offer to "make economic and military sense." The Ministry of Defence was working towards smoothening licence process for products offered by various companies.


"We have set up a committee to select champions among the Indian industry. Idiea behind this exercise is to have a list ready of companies with a good track record," Secretary Defense Production K P Singh said.


LOAD-DATE: January 30, 2006

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Questo era il lancio Jane's del 5 gennaio 2006.


Some fighter manufacturers have predicted that India will issue a formal request for proposals (RFP) for up to 126 new multirole fighters in the first quarter of 2006. If the requirement becomes firm, it will be by far the largest new combat aircraft procurement since Korea's F-X contest, won by the F-15 in 2002.

[Jane's International Defence Review]


A proposito, sempre la Jane's - lancio agenzia del 12 dicembre 2005 - ha comunicato che Singapore ha confermato l'ordine per 12 F-15SG Eagle e altri 8 in opzione.

Si tratta della gara da cui fu estromesso l'Eurofighter.

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L'India non è un paese sede di integralismo Islamico


L'India non è un paese comunista


Ergo chi è contro i miei nemici e mio amico :lol:, e poi tutti gli stati sono sovrano ed hanno diritto di armarsi.

Edited by typhoon
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L'India è la potenza dominante nell'area dell'Oceano Indiano ed è la potenza destinata a confrontarsi con la Cina.


Peraltro l'India (al contrario di qualche altra civiltà che rivendica meriti inesistenti) è depositaria di una cultura antica, che ha contribuito allo sviluppo dell'umanità, è un popolo di lavoratori e di studiosi (grandissimi matematici) ed ha un'impostazione ideologica che fondamentalmente è pacifica.


Per queste ragioni è una risorsa da tenersi veramente buona, molto più affidabile e sicura della Cina.


Purtroppo la sua realtà sociale è estremamente complessa, e questo l'ha distanziata dal mondo occidentale a tutto vantaggio dell'espansionismo cinese.

Ma stiamo riguadagnando terreno...

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