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50 minuti fa, maxiss ha scritto:

Dopo il primo aereo progettato in digitale, ora la prima nave,in questo caso anche assemblata su informazioni in digitale ..


Ulteriori informazioni ...

Qui ... news.usni.org ... https://news.usni.org/2022/04/05/hii-lays-keel-of-future-aircraft-carrier-uss-enterprise ...

E qui ... news.usni.org ... https://news.usni.org/2022/08/28/hii-argues-for-aircraft-carrier-block-buy-as-new-enterprise-takes-shape ...


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Una donna nominata "CBO" (Chief of the Boat) a bordo di un sottomarino lanciamissili a propulsione nucleare ...


Master Chief Informations Systems Technician Angela Koogler has spent a week on USS Louisiana (SSBN-742) making history.
Koogler is the Navy’s first female chief of the boat - the senior enlisted advisor to the commanding and executive officers aboard a submarine.
She joined the Navy in 2002, after attending college, according to a release from U.S. Pacific Fleet Submarine Forces Commander (*)
She had planned to enlist after high school but an injury delayed her.
“Once I joined, I knew I found my career, and my Navy family and friends that I would have forever,” Koogler said in the release. 
“I have continued to serve over the years because it is a good fit for me and I love it.”

... news.usni.org ... https://news.usni.org/2022/08/31/navy-names-submarine-forces-first-female-chief-of-the-boat ...

(*) ... csp.navy.mil ... https://www.csp.navy.mil/Media/News-Admin/Article/3146031/first-female-chief-of-the-boat-reports-to-louisiana-gold/ ...


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