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FCAS - Accordo franco-tedesco per un caccia di nuova generazione

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Il Parlamento tedesco fa un passo avanti ...


Germany’s parliamentary budget committee this week approved the defense ministry’s requested €50.3 billion (€60 billion) budget for 2022 in Berlin. 
The budget includes crucial funding for the Future Combat Air System (FCAS) that is being developed jointly with France and Spain for service entry around 2040. 
Announced via social media by Germany’s defense minister, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, the FCAS funding had earlier been contested in parliament, primarily on account of the system's planned ability to deliver nuclear weapons, and also over morality questions concerning the use of armed unmanned air vehicles.
The news was welcomed in Paris ...

... ainonline.com ... https://www.ainonline.com/aviation-news/defense/2021-06-26/germany-signs-funding-fcas-and-poseidon ...


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FCAS ... accordo trilaterale ... si va avanti ...


Top defense leaders from France, Germany and Spain have formalized plans to begin the preliminary development phase for a lead plane under the Future Combat Air System program, committing their governments to spending billions of euros in the coming years.
The trilateral agreement, signed in Paris on Aug. 30, follows Germany’s parliamentary approval in June to invest nearly €4.5 billion (U.S. $5.3 billion) in the program through 2027. 
The other nations are expected to contribute similar amounts, though it’s unclear if France and Spain will finance separate, national industry programs — as planned by Berlin to the tune of €750 million — on FCAS-related technologies.
The program entails a new fighter aircraft, dubbed the Next-Generation Fighter, to be accompanied by a smattering of drones for reconnaissance and strike missions. 
A sophisticated network of data links, collectively known as a “combat cloud,” is meant to provide the glue between the flying program elements during operations, the idea goes.
The new agreement entails phases 1B and 2, covering research and development activities and the construction of an initial, flyable prototype.

... defensenews.com ... https://www.defensenews.com/digital-show-dailies/dsei/2021/09/01/top-defense-leaders-kick-off-new-phase-for-europes-next-gen-fighter/ ...

Anche qui ... psk.blog.24heures.ch ... http://psk.blog.24heures.ch/archive/2021/09/01/8-6-milliards-pour-le-scaf -871617.html ...

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Un commento di Richard Aboulafia ... (Managing Director at AeroDynamic Advisory) ...


In December, the United Arab Emirates ordered 80 Rafale fighter jets worth $16 billion from the French manufacturer Dassault Aviation - both a record UAE arms purchase and a record French arms sale. 
While Abu Dhabi still hopes to purchase 50 somewhat more advanced U.S. F-35s as part of a $23 billion arms deal with the United States, it only makes sense that the UAE would want a second source for combat jets - especially from France.
Nations that import arms in conflict-fraught regions want to keep their militaries operating in the event of potential arms embargoes, and France offers two strong selling points: a valuable strategic relationship and low risk of cutting off weapons support.
But the UAE Rafale buy - and other Rafale sales, including last week’s sale to Indonesia - raises questions about a nascent plan for France’s participation in its first-ever multinational fighter jet program: the Future Combat Air System (FCAS), a joint Franco-German plan to create a next-generation advanced combat aircraft that would enter production around 2040, after the Rafale has become outdated. 
(The FCAS project now also includes Spain, which will play a relatively small role compared with the two founding partners.)
In the context of the UAE deal and other sales, Franco-German future fighter development looks colossally ill-advised.

... foreignpolicy.com ... https://foreignpolicy.com/2022/02/15/france-germany-fighter-jet-aviation-industry-europe-middle-east-sales/ ...


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Volano gli stracci fra Dassault Aviation e Airbus ?


Dassault Aviation voiced frustration over a dispute with partner Airbus about the next phase of work on the European FCAS fighter project and said it was important to establish clear leadership.
The Future Combat Air System (FCAS), which has been dogged by political and corporate differences, has been designed to replace the Eurofighter and Dassault’s Rafale with a combination of manned and unmanned aircraft from 2040. The project’s main government backers are France, Germany and Spain.
“I accept to be leader if I have the leverage to be leader,” Chief Executive Eric Trappier said, referring to Dassault’s responsibility for the core fighter element of the design.
Dassault and Airbus have been at odds over responsibility for flight controls, but Trappier said Dassault was prepared to share some of the work as long as it was free to run the first of seven project ‘pillars’ - involving the aircraft - as agreed.
“We have made enough efforts,” Trappier said, adding talks had been ‘difficult’ in the face of new demands since September.
Airbus did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
Some defence analysts have speculated that differences over FCAS could sink the project and reshuffle industry alliances.

... reuters.com ... https://www.reuters.com/article/dassault-results-ceo-idCNL2N2V70O1 ...

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A quanto pare i membri del consorzio franco-ispano-tedesco stentano a trovare una base comune onde portare avanti l'ampio programma FCAS ...

Secondo un noto ex-settimanale britannico ...


European sixth-generation fighter stays stalled amid industrial rancour ...
By Dominic Perry - 1 June 2022

Ongoing tensions between the industrial partners involved in a tri-national effort to develop a sixth-generation fighter appear no closer to resolution, with efforts to progress the project still stalled.
Airbus Defence & Space and Dassault Aviation were due to sign a contract in 2021 covering the creation of a demonstrator aircraft for the New Generation Fighter (NGF) being developed for France, Germany and Spain as part of the wider Future Combat Air System (FCAS) programme.
However, that contract – known as Phase 1B – is no closer to being agreed, according Eric Trappier, chief executive of Dassault, the prime contractor for the NGF work.
“We were ready to go ahead but sometime between September and December it stopped. I don’t know how it will start back,” he told FlightGlobal at last week’s EBACE business aviation show.
While FCAS was originally a Franco-German project, the admission of Spain in 2019 has ratcheted up the tension, particularly on the NGF, where Airbus represents now both Berlin and Madrid.
“It is not only a political issue it is also a matter of sharing the work between Airbus and Dassault,” says Trappier.
“We have made big efforts, [but] as far as Dassault is concerned we have only one-third of the job. We are the prime architect taking overall responsibility in front of the defence ministries and want to be capable to take this responsibility without Airbus always saying they want to do more.”
Dassault’s main objection is the insistence that intellectual property relating to flight-control software be shared among the partners. 
But Trappier points out that the system for the NGF demonstrator will be an “off-the-shelf” solution, derived from a Falcon business jet.
“Why should we share our technology on the Falcon with Airbus? Airbus in Toulouse knows perfectly well how to develop flight controls,” he argues.
However, with Germany and Spain likely to insist on full co-operation – or at least access to the technology – on the flight-control system for any future production aircraft, this appears likely to remain a thorny issue.
Tension is also likely to be stoked by the fact that Dassault’s Rafale and the Eurofighter Typhoon – for which Airbus is the flight-control provider – remain rivals for fifth-generation fighter sales, with neither side willing to cede any perceived advantage.
But Trappier contrasts the impasse on the NGF with the four-nation EuroDrone project, which is led by Airbus and “we follow them”, he says, adding: “We are not trying to say we need to know everything and they should do the same [on NGF].” 
Dassault is developing the flight controls for the unmanned aircraft.
He says Dassault is still prepared to sign the Phase 1B contract, but only within the previously agreed framework, not to rules “that are changed every three months” to accommodate the demands of other parties.
And while the delay to Phase 1B activities continues, Dassault has had to redeploy its project team elsewhere in the business. 
While a contract signature is still possible this year “I will need time to gather the team again,” he notes.
Airbus, however, defends its position, noting that agreement has been reached on “all six other pillars” of the FCAS development, “where even under a defined leadership the competence and capacities of each partner are respected and can participate in an equitable manner”, it says.
“Airbus has made several proposals to converge also on the NGF and we are supporting any solution which will respect both the skills of each partner and the lead role of Dassault, leading to a fair agreement.”
“We are confident that a resolution can be achieved if the rules of the cooperation agreed by the nations are respected in the NGF, as it is the case on other pillars.”


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Secondo altre fonti ...


Dassault, one of the three primary industrial partners on the trinational Future Combat Air System (FCAS)/Système de Combat Aérien Futur (SCAF), has said that continuing delays to agreeing terms will delay the entry into service of the New Generation Fighter (NGF) element of the programme by at least a decade.
Under the current published timeline, the first flight of the NGF demonstrator was scheduled for 2027, with the final proposed design frozen in 2030 ahead of a proposed in-service date of 2040. 
Speaking to French media, however, Dassault CEO Éric Trappier said that the current planned in-service date is no longer tenable, with 2050 being a more realistic timeline.

... janes.com ... https://www.janes.com/defence-news/news-detail/dassault-predicts-decade-of-delay-for-fcas-fighter ...

Anche qui ... psk.blog.24heures.ch ... http://psk.blog.24heures.ch/archive/2022/06/09/10-ans-de-retard-pour-le-scaf- -873150.html ...



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SCAF o FCAS ... la Germania intende andare avanti ...


La Germania intende sviluppare la prossima generazione di caccia “con partner come la Francia”, ha dichiarato il cancelliere tedesco, Olaf Scholz, a margine della visita che ha effettuato alla Mostra internazionale dell’aeronautica e dello spazio di Berlino (ILA) aperta dal 22 al 26 giugno al polo fieristico di Selchow nei dintorni della capitale della Germania.
Scholz rilancia quindi il Sistema di Combattimento Aereo del Futuro (SCAF o FCAS ...), sviluppato da Airbus Defence and Space con la francese Dassault Aviation, progetto franco-tedesco-spagnolo al centro negli ultimi mesi di polemiche tra Parigi e Berlino, dopo la decisione del governo federale di acquisire 35 F-35A da Lockheed Martin per la Luftwaffe.

... analisidifesa.it ... analisidifesa.it ... https://www.analisidifesa.it/2022/06/scholz-allila-rilancia-il-caccia-franco-tedesco-dopo-le-polemiche-sugli-f-35/ ...


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