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E Musk pensò al sabotaggio ...

His rocket had blown up into a spectacular fireball.
The Cape Canaveral launchpad that SpaceX had essentially built from scratch was now in ashes.
And Elon Musk was dumbfounded.
A week after the explosion in September 2016, with still no idea what caused the rocket to suddenly explode while being fueled ahead of an engine test, Musk vented on Twitter that the loss of the rocket was “turning out to be the most difficult and complex failure we have ever had in 14 years.”
On the Internet, where conspiracy theories were already percolating, some speculated that the “something else” was a projectile, maybe even a bullet or UFO.
On Twitter, Musk was asked about the possibility of something hitting the rocket, and he fueled speculation even further by saying, “We have not ruled that out.”
Although they didn’t say so publicly at the time, SpaceX investigators were looking seriously at sabotage, Musk and SpaceX President Gwynne Shotwell said in their most extensive public comments since the explosion.

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1 ora fa, TT-1 Pinto ha scritto:

Le visioni 'spaziali' del generale Everhart ... :woot:

... defensenews.com/space ... One possible job for SpaceX’s BFR rocket? Taking the Air Force’s cargo in and out of space ...

Anche il 'Daily Report' dell'AFA riprende le dichiarazioni del generale Everhart ...

http://www.airforcemag.com/Features/Pages/2018/August 2018/AMC-Meeting-With-Industry-to-Discuss-Mobility-Missions-in-Space.aspx

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Un modello in scala della nave spaziale 'Starship' destinata a Marte è in costruzione nel Texas ...


Elon Musk logged on to Twitter this weekend (*) to deliver a veritable sleigh full of gifts to fans of his rocket company, SpaceX, in time for Christmas.
Musk was waiting for SpaceX's 21st (and record-breaking) rocket launch of the year on Saturday when he revealed that construction of a prototype for a Mars spaceship, called Starship, is now underway at the company's Texas launch site.
What's more, the first round of experimental launches of what Musk called the "test hopper" may be complete by early spring.
Fonte: businessinsider.com ... SpaceX is building a 'test hopper' Mars spaceship in Texas — and Elon Musk says it could launch by March ...

(*) ...


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