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Altro che Cina: arriva la censura anche in Italia


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dopo colombo anche la baia



Il GIP di Bergamo (lo stesso che ha fatto chiudere Colombo) ha inviato un'ordinanza a tutti i provider italiani per rendere inaccessibile la baia. Quindi Telecom si è adeguata, e probabilmente lo hanno fatto o lo faranno anche tutti gli altri.


da piratebay.org raggiungibile con OpenDNS o con privoxy e tor:


Fascist state censors Pirate Bay


We're quite used to fascist countries not allowing freedom of speech. A lot of smaller nations that have dictators decide to block our site since we can help spread information that could be harmful to the dictators.


This time it's Italy. They suffer from a really bad background as one of the IFPIs was formed in Italy during the fascist years and now they have a fascist leader in the country, Silvio Berlusconi. Berlusconi is also the most powerful person in Italian media owning a lot of companies that compete with The Pirate Bay and he would like to stay that way - so one of his lackeys, Giancarlo Mancusi, ordered a shutdown of our domain name and IP in Italy to make it hard to not support Berlusconis empire.


We have had fights previously in Italy, recently with our successful art installation where we had to storm Fortezza in order to get our art done. And as usual, we won. We will also win this time.



And please, everybody should also contact their ISP and tell them that this is not OK and that the ISPs should appeal. We don't want a censored internet! And the war starts here...


sinceramente.....mi vergogno di essere italiano........... :thumbdown: :thumbdown:

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Niente di illegale skettles??Ma tu sai cos'e bittorrent?sai cosa trovi la nel sito??spero di si ^^"

io lo conosci abbastanza bene e li trovi film,giochi,musica e altre cose piratate ecc...warez...non ho mai capito cos'e...cos'e warez?

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