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Beh una LST è ben altra cosa, mi puzza tanto di progetto sovietico per un mezzo spendibile in grado di scaricare in tutta fretta mezzi pesanti per quei colpi di mano in settori non cruciali che la NATO temeva (anche se non ho mai capito come fossero possibili...).

Adesso gli servirebbe senz'altro un mezzo diverso.

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Guest intruder

Questo è quello che ho trovato:


Russia intends to build two of these helicopter-capable amphibious assault ships during the 2008-2012 timeframe. One is to be based in the Baltic, the other in the Pacific. Few details are known, and the lead ship's name is not yet official.


Displacement, full-load, t about 5,000

Length, m 120

Breadth, m 16.5

Mean draught, m 3.6

Propulsion plant diesel (10D49)

Main engines (number x power), hp 2 x 5,000

Full speed, knots 18

Endurance, days 30

Crushing range at 16 knots, miles 3,500

Complement, men about 100


Multiple launch rocket system:

Number of systems 2

Caliber,140 mm


Self-defense weapons:

Number and type of artillery gun mounts

(barrels x caliber) 1 AK-176

(1 x 76mm), 2 AK-630 (6 x 30mm)


Helicopter Ka-29,

landing spot, hangar

Landing control system Modul-V

Military lift 13 60-ton tanks or 36 APCs;

300 troops




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