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Next-gen ICBM

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Conseguenze dell'acquisizione di Orbital ATK da parte di Northrop Grumman.

Northrop Grumman, infatti, è stata selezionata come uno dei 2 concorrenti, assieme a Boeing, per la sviluppo e la realizzazione del nuovo missile balistico intercontinentale che dovrà rimpiazzare il MINUTEMAN III oggi in servizio – programma Ground Based Strategic Deterrent (GBSD) – per cui l'acquisizione di Orbital ATK rafforza notevolmente le probabilità di Northrop Grumman di affermarsi in questa importantissima gara.


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Dal sito dell'AFA ...


The Center for Strategic and International Studies released a report outlining the challenges facing the recapitalization of the Air Force’s Ground Based Strategic Deterrent.


Il documento ... https://csis-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/s3fs-public/publication/170921_Harrison_OptionsGroundBasedLegNuclearTriad.pdf?_q2TQEeJsoYEGK0hBv.6Nm6kHAiWq2nx ...

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Ground Based Strategic Deterrent ... non servono soluzioni miracolose ...

On GBSD, No Miracles Required ...
In developing the requirements for its Ground Based Strategic Deterrent program, the Air Force has surveyed existing technologies and likes what it sees.
The Air Force is not looking for “technology miracles” for the Minuteman III replacement, program manager Col. Heath Collins said at a Task Force 21-Minot event in Washington, D.C., Thursday.
He said his team looked long and hard at “the state of industry today,” and it has identified a lot of technology that already “meets our requirements.”
Moving the GBSD program forward, he said, will be a matter of “integrating existing technologies” rather than achieving new technical breakthroughs.
The program is taking this approach to stay ahead of the timeline and keep costs down, a strategy developed after studying the “acquisition woes” of recent Air Force development programs, Collins added.
His program office is also looking into cost savings from commonality with similar programs.
The GBSD shop has investigated links with the Navy’s Trident missile, and has also looked for parallels “from the space community” and the Missile Defense Agency.
“We will beg, steal, and borrow anything we can,” Collins admitted, in order to complete the mission with reliability, speed, and affordability.
Wilson Brissett
Fonte ... il 'Daily Report' dell'AFA del 29-09-2017 ...

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Russia’s RS-28 ICBM to be tested by end of the year







An article by Kommersant on Oct. 23 suggests that Russia is preparing to test-fire the new RS-28 liquid-fueled, MIRV-equipped intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) by end of the year.


To be tested at Plesetsk cosmodrome, a second firing is to take place within this year if the first test is successful.

Testing of the RS-28 has been repeatedly delayed.





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A proposito dei problemi che hanno afflitto il 'Sarmat' ... una serie di articoli dal sito 'russianforces.org' ... http://russianforces.org/cgi-bin/mt/mt-search.cgi?search=Sarmat+&IncludeBlogs=1


Anche il nuovo ICBM trasportato su rotaia 'Barguzin' sta affrontando parecchi problemi ... e la sua sorte non è ancora del tutto chiara ...


Dalla stessa fonte ... http://russianforces.org/cgi-bin/mt/mt-search.cgi?search=Barguzin&IncludeBlogs=1




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ICBM di nuova generazione ... 
Alla ricerca di chi produrrà il successore del Minuteman III ...


The Air Force is moving ahead with its program to replace Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missiles amid congressional debate about future nuclear weapons.
The service on July 16 issued an industry solicitation that will ultimately help choose which company builds the Ground-Based Strategic Deterrent, the new generation of ICBMs, according to a release. 
Boeing and Northrop Grumman have been refining and prototyping their missile designs under government contracts for the past two years, and the Air Force next year will pick a single contractor to provide more than 600 weapons.
The Air Force is asking for cybersecure, easily upgradeable, reliable weapons that can meet the challenges of 21st-century nuclear deterrence, and officials tout the program as a model for smart, flexible procurement.

... airforcemag.com ... Air Force Begins Final Search for Next ICBM Builder ...

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