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F4F ed F6F riconvertiti

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Ciao a tutti, seguo questo forum da un paio di anni, ma mi sono iscritto oggi;

Ho sentito da fonti poco affidabili (Wikipedia) che durante la guerra di Corea i vecchi Wildcat e Hellcat furono convertiti in missili a guida remota. Ho letto che venivano imbottiti di bombe e comandati con un radio controllo da un bombardiere che lo seguiva dalla distanza. Che sapete dirmi a proposito?

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The Korean War and the 1960s When North Korean forces launched a sudden allout attack on the Republic of Korea on 25 June 1950, U.S. forces in the Pacific were unprepared. In fact, the U.S. Army had no troops on the peninsula, the Air Force had only a few air wings available in the region, and the Navy had just one cruiser, four destroyers, and a few minesweepers on station in the Sea of Japan. Within 36 hours, the United Nations called on its members to assist the South.23 The next month, in a record Pacific transit, USS Boxer (CV-21) carried badly needed Air Force and Navy aircraft and personnel to the war zone. Boxer would make three more deployments to Korea. On 5 August 1952, while engaged in combat operations, it suffered a fire on its hangar deck. Two weeks later, after repairs, it was back on station with Guided Missile Unit 90 (GMU-90) and embarked with six F6F-5K Hellcat drones. Each Hellcat carried a 1000-pound bomb under the fuselage and a television and radio repeater pod mounted on the wing. On 28 August, they took off under radio control from Boxer and, under the radio control of Douglas AD-4N Skyraiders from Composite Squadron 35 (VC-35), were guided against selected targets. In all, six such missions were conducted between 28 August and 2 September 1952 against power plants, rail tunnels, and bridges in North Korea, but with an operational success rate of less than 50 percent, the program was dropped. The Hellcats continued to be used by the Navy as targets at China Lake, California, into the 1960s.

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