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Pakistan test fires nuclear-capable ballistic missile


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan on Wednesday test fired a nuclear-capable ballistic missile with a range of 1,300km, the military said.

The military described the Hatf V Ghauri missile as a liquid fuel missile, which can carry both conventional and nuclear warheads.

The eighth missile test so far this year comes two months after the last test of a Hatf-VII with a range of 700km.

Five of those tests were conducted within a few weeks after India successfully test fired the Agni V, which can deliver a one-tonne nuclear warhead anywhere in China.

Defence analysts say India’s strategic priorities are focused more on China, while Pakistan is still concerned about its eastern neighbour.



In this handout photograph released by the Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) a Hatf VII (Babur) stealth cruise missile is launched from an undisclosed location in Pakistan


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Pakistani Ballistic Missile Test Failed


Despite the official announcement that the Nov. 28 test of the Ghauri/Hatf V (Vengeance V) ballistic missile was successful, reports in the local media indicate the missile in fact disintegrated.

The reports were accompanied by images of the missile debris that fell in and around villages in the district of Dadu in the southern province of Sind. They were reportedly quickly secured by the police and then removed by the military.

One piece of the debris was clearly marked “‘Flight Control Computer.’’ Other images show a mass of wires among tubular metal pieces.

The military’s Inter Service Public Relations (ISPR) media branch admitted the debris were part of the Ghauri, but reiterated its earlier claim that the test was a “complete success.”

“The missile during its flight remained within the designated flight path and corridor. The metal parts found in a remote area of Dadu, as reported in media today, were part of the motor body, which separated from the missile as planned, well within the safety corridor,” it stated.

Though the incident caused some distress, but not any casualties or damage to property, the ISPR statement concluded, “It was ensured that at no point, would human life or property be at risk. There is no cause for alarm or concern.”

The missile may have originated from the Tilla missile test-firing range near the Punjabi city of Jhelum. Its trajectory seems to indicate it was heading for impact in Balochistan province, (possibly the Sonmiani firing range), or the Arabian Sea.

Analyst Haris Khan of the Pakistan Military Consortium think tank does not accept the military’s version of events.

“It seems there was some kind of failure here,” he said.

“I’m not sure if the Ghauri has a separating warhead, but it is possible. However, the missile body clearly disintegrated and fell over a wide area. The missile was a single-stage weapon. This is unusual. The body should have stayed intact even if the warhead did separate,” he added.

He does not see any reason why disintegration would be planned.

“There’s no advantage to the missile body breaking up unless it was over the target to confuse an ABM defense radar. Also, I don’t think the Army would choose to have pieces of missile fall out of the sky over a populated area, even if not many people were living there.”

“This has never reported to have happened in any previous missile test”, he said.

If this is indeed a failure, Khan says it would mark the third known incident of this kind involving the Ghauri since it was purchased from North Korea by disgraced metallurgist and former administrative head of the then-Khan Research Laboratories, Abdul Qadir Khan.

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... un pò di teorie cospirazioniste, con una precisazione prima della lettura: ci sono immagini di persone morte che potrebbero urtare la sensibilità e provocare turbamento


in data 17 dicembre 2012 è stato attaccato l'aeroporto di Peshawar (link alla notizia 5 militants wanted in fatal airport attack killed in Pakistan police raid)


a questo link viene proposta la tesi Peshawar, Pakistan airport attacker’s had demonic unfinished tattoos - Pakistan Conspiracy theories reach new heights of madness


Pakistanis with their unique fondness to kite flying are speculating that the terrorists killed in Peshawar airport attack were US marines



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... le minaccie all'arsenale nuclerare Pakistano http://www.fas.org/pubs/_docs/Terrorism_Analysis_Report_1-lowres.pdf, si tratta di un lungo paper (anche un po' datato) che forse avrebbe necessità di qualche aggiornamento



The greatest threat to Pakistan’s nuclear infrastructure emanates from jihadists both inside Pakistan and South and Central Asia, generally. While there is a broad appreciation of this danger, there are few substantive studies that identify and explore specific groups motivated and potentially capable of acquiring and employing Pakistani nuclear weapons and/or fissile materials. This report fills that gap by exploring the Pakistani Neo-Taliban (PNT) and the dozens of groups that compositely fill its ranks. Originally this report was to be a section of TAP’s South Asian Nuclear Security Report—scheduled for release by FAS in winter 2011-2012. However, when Usama bin Laden was killed in Pakistan on May 2, 2011, and with ongoing concerns about Pakistan’s links to jihadist organizations targeting the U.S. and her interests, FAS decided to immediately release the section that explores the PNT as well as its constituent groups and allies.


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Non credo sia il caso di aprire una discussione adesso

Seguiamo gli sviluppi Della ennesima crisi tra i due stati...


Operazione indiana abbastanza complessa con mirage 2000 e aerei appoggio,  senza subire la reazione pakistana

e dopo poche ore scontro tra MIG-21!!!  Ma girano voci dellesordio operativo del jf-17 e di F16 e su30. C'è parecchia confusione








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Arrivano i J-10CP

Qualcuno parla già di J-20(AP)?   Ma siamo sopra i 100 milioni di dollari e ci andrei cauto.

F-16 vari fino a block 52+ assieme a j10. Interessante il confronto diretto. Sicuramente i cinesi prenderanno appunti. 


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14 minuti fa, nik978 ha scritto:

Arrivano i J-10CP

Qualcuno parla già di J-20(AP)?   Ma siamo sopra i 100 milioni di dollari e ci andrei cauto.

F-16 vari fino a block 52+ assieme a j10. Interessante il confronto diretto. Sicuramente i cinesi prenderanno appunti. 


Dubito che la Cina esporti il j20, rappresenta ancora il fiore all'occhiello dell'industria aeronautica cinese.

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Gli Eurofighter del Qatar affrontano i J-10 del Pakistan nel corso di un'esercitazione ...


Gli Eurofighter Typhoon del Qatar stanno operando a fianco e, al tempo stesso, contro i Chengdu J-10C pakistani nelle prime esercitazioni militari che vedono insieme i due tipi di caccia che presentano la configurazione “canard”.
I velivoli stanno operando insieme nell'ambito dell'esercitazione aerea “Zilzal-II” attualmente ospitata dal Qatar.
Secondo un annuncio datato 10 Gennaio, pubblicato dalla Pakistan Air Force (PAF), l’esercitazione “Zilzal” imiterà uno “scenario realistico di guerra aerea” e metterà alla prova la prontezza operativa delle forze aeree partecipanti.
L’innovativo caccia J-10C avrà così l'occasione di mostrare i muscoli per la prima volta.

... aviationweek.com ... https://aviationweek.com/defense-space/budget-policy-operations/qatari-eurofighters-flying-against-pakistani-j-10s-exercise ...

🇵🇰 & 🇶🇦

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