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  1. JCI è pronto per la consegna alla "armada"
  2. No, la AMI è la vergogna d'Europa. F16 di seconda mano in leasing negli USA, AMX che sono inutili, e mediocri Tornado. In futuro resta da vedere come la riduzione dopo l'ordinazione EF-2000 RAF Armee del Air Lufftwafe EDA AMI Hellenic air Force (o non comprare più aerei per molti anni)
  3. Il Principe de Asturias sembra piccolo
  4. Nessun post su la Armada? Ci sono novità interessanti, come il battesimo della nuova F105 o nuovas F110, Bam, stato attuale della JCI, S80, etc etc
  5. Il principe delle Asturie è stato costruito secondo i termini della Armada. Era necessario portaerei pura che potesse operare il massimo numero di aerei, sacrificando altri aspetti. È più grande e più capace di Garibaldi. Ma Garibaldi va more armati e più veloce. Si tratta di concetti diversi. Come osservazione curiosa che il principe delle Asturie opera in tre livelli di allerta. Alfa Livello: 3 harrier/24h Bravo Livello: 2.5 harrier/24h Charly Livello: 2 harrier 24h El JCI NO sostituito al PdA
  6. Italia con Japon y Francia? No tengo tiempo de buscar muchos datos economicos. Italia es mas Grande que España 60 Vs 46 mill. Con conocer el Indice de Desarrollo Humano IDH que elabora la ONU me sobra. Italia es donde debe de estar. Muy por debajo de Francia Japon....y España. Sorry. http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Classement_IDH_des_pays Militarmente: La Fuerza Aerea Italiana es superada por la mayoria de paises Europeos. Hasta que no complete sus Thypoon y F35 sera muy debil. Con F16 Americanos...puffffffffff Su "Army" esta formado por Arietes? El peor MBT Occidental
  7. España Vs Italia. +20 paginas. Molto divertido http://www.militar.org.ua/foro/espana-vs-italia-t17915.html
  8. Model of future AWD Hobbart Class (F105)
  9. I believe that they ignore many capacities of the F100/F80. The systems Aegis not degraded . Not even the Kongo/Atago not F100/Hobart Only F300 Frigate version goes down the SPY 1F The F100 are noses of control and control of fleet. As the LPD Castilla (Galizia non) they can do of headquarters of a fleet. I believe that to compare them with the FREMM is a joke. F100 Dorian Vs Andrea is more correctly. Australia names hisF100 Destroyers. The F105 and Hobbart Class are going to be little big more that the F100 Batch I (6.500 aprox Vs 6.250tn full load). Wha
  10. ISAF


    Yo tampoco entiendo tanta hostilidad de los compañeros Italianos. Parece que tuvieran envidia. Las F100 son una mierda El Pda y el BpE son otra mierda Los S80 son tambien otra mierda Los LPD Galicia mas mierda Pero claro, 2 Horizon son super buenas El GG es increiblemente bueno el el Cavour lo mejor de lo mejor. Los U212 alemanes son increibles etc etc etc Mucho G8, pero en renta per capita casi estan superados por España, por no hablar de la mafia y esas cosas. Disculpen por escribir en Castellano. Saludos
  11. On the budget of Defense. The official number of the Defense Department is the low possible to have the pacifists satisfied... Many programs of armament are paid by the department of Industry, the international unfoldings, the department of exterior etc etc etc The real budget of defense is estimated around the 18.000 mill of Euros in Spain. In 2009 it goes down If not all the programs are not explained in process.. It is very difficult to know the real number because they control many departments and departments. Not alone Defense and hi ""official""number(
  12. Old and with many many mistakes. It does not serve
  13. Not so many jokes Italy do not have MBT.... Arietes Vs Leopardos 2E and 2A4? Pizarros Vs Dardo? Certain they have more helicopters of combat. Perfect for Italy 24 Vs 80 is great difference, though the Tiger HAD is very superior to the Mangusta.
  14. ISAF


    hellow Spaguettis Comparative graph small aircraft carriers Some news over of the Armada The BPE finishing his works. Installation of radars, system of combat and electronic equipments In brief i began his tests of sea. The Frigate F105 (F100 Batch II) initiates hisputting in keel. Notice: http://www.revistanaval.com/noticias/1-200...llero-venezuela There begins the construction of the Submarine S83. http://www.infodefensa.com/esp/noticias/no...mada-espa%F1ola
  15. Quello è falso. I BPE costruiti questo sotto i campioni militari nelle parti che criticate della nave (armamento, sensori, propulsione, sicurezza ecc ecc ecc) nel resto sono COTS utilizzati di tecnologie. Ma il verguenza è di avere un blu marino dalle metà
  16. The Cavour is an Aircraft carrier with some amphibious capacity. The BPE is a LHD with some capacity of Aircraft carrier. Which is the problem? Does not he deal?
  17. It is made quite or almost quite: Some systems are special versions made under license Leopardo E Tiger Had Spike G36 etc etc Others are developed and made of Spain IFV Pizarro Artilleri Sb/155 UAV Siva etc etc Others bought out and made of Spain Centauro Others directly bought was Patriot Nasam Leopard 2A4 etc etc what is the problem?
  18. Schema del BPE. Alcuni particolari ma questo buon bisogno. Un saluto
  19. Inside Leopardo Leopardo Fire
  20. Frigates and Submarines with the same missile http://www.aviationweek.com/aw/blogs/defen...83-77230772df02
  21. You do not know about what speaks: He looks like an ignoramus. Spanish multinationals there are hundreds of them. Albertis, Santander, Telefonica, Ferrovial, Indra, Repsol, Cuetara , Inditex, Sacyr, Acciona, Indra Iberdrola, Metrovacesa, etc etc etc etc etc etc. How is the problem? All the Submarines does it make Italy? (U212 Germans) Does it export LHD, Frigates, etc etc? IDH? http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Desarrollo_humano GDP per habitant? http://www.lavanguardia.es/lv24h/20080624/53487270898.html Of that it serves him to Italy to be in the G8 if it is mo
  22. They forget that when I finish the IIGM and the Spanish Civil war Italy Uk Francia or Germany received thousands of million American dollars for your reconstruction. Spain nothing. Not even a cent. Isolated when mas he needed it and in spite of it we have been capable of overcoming to countries as Italy or Canada. The helps of the UE are alms compared with what you received of the USA a few years ago. His problem is that they imagine Spain as a country of workers and waiters and actually we have overcome the revenue of Italy, have multinationals all over the world, great inv
  23. The news is not very good. He speaks about the purchase of 5 systems of launch what indicates that 6ªF100 it is not going to construct , and that Spain at the moment only has 5 F100AAW and 6F80 ASW force of escorts. In some forums I read that it is better to take a Radar and European missiles as the PAAMS and the Aster. They are Lower than the Aegis Sm/Essm but at least they are European.
  24. He has problem with Eurostat? It seems that he cannot stand that Spain has more revenue person that Italy, you have to of being glad, instead of not bothering 107 % Vs 101 % and that in addition is a country more developed Position, 13 Vs 20 IDH Ranking. In Brute GDP logically Italy is more strongly, they have more persons. I do not see this where the problem. Certainly, is topic of airplanes or of economy?
  25. Is it the same post of the Marina? It contains many mistakes. The majority of what it puts is false or inaccurate to economic and political level. *The Leopard IIA4 belongs definitively to the Ejercito de Tierra. Some of them in special versions (Kodiak) Heavy Material: 219 Leopard 2E (especial version of 2A6 made in Spain) 17 Leopard 2E Buffel 108 Leopard IIA4 (ex German) 84 Centauro B1 355 Pizarro IFV. Un saludo
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