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Uscita La Patch 1.02


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Finalmente,dopo una lunga attesa, è stata rilasciata dalla UBISOFT la nuova patch 1.02 che correggerà molti bugs riscontrati nel simulatore. Il file è stato rilasciato in due versioni: la prima è un pacchetto unico che comprende anche la prima patch 1.01; mentre il secondo più piccolo va installato per chi ha già la 1.01.

Io consiglio di scaricare il pacchetto completo e reinstallare tutto,per essere sicuri che funzioni tutto alla perfezione.


Riporto le info del sito ufficiale:


NOTE: please make sure you install the right patch for your version of Lock On as two configurations are available – one to update from V1.0 to V1.02 and another to update from V1.01 to V1.02. Files name. LockOnPatch1.00To1.02.exe, LockOnPatch1.01To1.02.exe


This is the second patch for Lock On: Modern Air Combat and is designed to address many of the bugs identified following the release of the V1.01 patch. This patch has enhanced the game by providing better performance and stability and enhanced or added additional features.


IMPORTANT: Please take a look at the Read Me file for a list of updates and fixes. There are many changes to Lock On as a result of this patch and the Read Me file will provide you with detailed information. You will have to re-set your graphics options and re-configure your input devices following installation of this patch. Several key commands have changed and are noted in the revised KeyCommands.doc that is installed to the /Doc sub-directory. Summary of Changes:

Enhances Radar Warning Receiver functions

Added Mission Goal/Score/Status Window for both Single and Multi-player

Multi-player scoring system added

Added new CCRP bombing mode for U.S. aircraft & “aeronautical mode” for Russian aircraft

Improved performance of AGP-63 Radar for the F-15C

Improved the performance of the AIM-120 AMRAAM.

Corrected network speed selection settings

Several new single-player, multiplayer, and training missions were added

New controller axes added

Revised scripting language used for many settings.

PLUS many, many other adjustments, improvements, and features. Please consult the Read Me file for exact details.


Potete scaricarla direttamente da http://www.lo-mac.com

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  • 2 months later...

Ok. Da oggi ce l'ho pure io. ---> :D


Forse ho già un problemino.


Si tratta della patch 1.02 (quella 1.0 ---->1.02 diretta)


Non è successo anche a voi, che è sparita l'opzione "Mouse Cockpit View"?


Aggiornando..a me è successo, col risultato che col piffero che giro la testa col mouse, dovevo usare le freccine :unsure:

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Mi sembra che è stata modificata a posta.

Non so il motivo.


Cmq io non uso il mouse per le visuali...sul mio joystick ho 2 hat switch a 8 direzioni che mi permettono di fare tutti i movimenti che voglio.


Ti consiglio di prenderti un joy che abbia almeno 1 di questi tasti.

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Mi sembra che è stata modificata a posta.

Non so il motivo.

UaZ mA porCpupaZZ!!! @]#]é*§° :censura:


Ma guard questi quà...grrrr :furioso:


Ma non c'ho test di comprarm lo Joy con gl Hat...mi teng il mICROsoft Sidenwinderetet che c'ho...e fa che n'abbia. :blink:


Se entro il room con la vecchia versione, riesco a palyare con chi c'ha la nuova? (tipo voi ad esempio) :P

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No, bisogna avere la stessa versione per giocare in multyplayer.


Mazza, scaricati la 1.02! E' l'ultima e migliora notevolmente il gioco risolvento numerosi bug e rendendolo ancora più realistico.


L'unico inconveniente sembra essere proprio questo, ma non so dire esattamente se si può risolvere visto che non ho questo problema.

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Gli aggiornamenti sono tantissimi, ne posto qualcuno:


• Chaff and flares are now replenished when the player re-arms (ctrl W)

•Made rear view camera position (press F4) configurable in the Lua script Config/View/Chase.lua.

•Extended Lua scripts execution diagnostics in the Temp/Error.log

•Accuracy of some anti-tank guided missiles has been decreased to a more realistic level (such as the BMP series of IFV).

•Added the ability to change the color of labels (Config/view/labels.cfg -> config/view/labels.lua)

•Corrected inaccuracies in multiplayer debriefings

•Corrected vertical scan radar mode indication for Russian aircraft

•Implemented several experimental data export functions for the player aircraft. These functions are necessary for the export of various flight data outside the simulator. For example, the creation of various applications that can be used by third parties (gauges and avionics export data). Now it will be possible to make the present breadboard model of a cockpits with working gauges. See Config/Export/Export.lua for details, please.

•Fixed lack of launch warning when a missile is initially launched in HOJ mode but then switches to an STT radar lock

•Deleted launch warning in TWS PDT fire control mode when launching AIM-120 missile

•Single-target SAM systems will now engage the closest target

•Improved ISM-1 (AoA index lights at Su-33) logic

•Removed scan bar position cues from the Russian HUDs. No such indicators exist on the real aircraft

•Improved visibility of TD box on the Russian HUD when in BVR mode

•Corrected network speed selection settings:

•Players can use chaff, flares, and weapons normally after switching to a new aircraft

•A Mission-Goal completion window has been added. During a mission, the player can press the (quote key ‘) to determine which mission goals have been completed.

Launch Permission Override button has been added to Russian aircraft (Alt-W). This allows the player to launch a missile on a locked target, even when the target is out of range.

•Players can no longer launch weapons when the landing gear of their aircraft is down

•Fixed the sound effect of flares and rockets. The proper sound effect will now be played for each launch

•Added Continuously Computed Release Point (CCRP) bombing mode for A-10.

•Replaced Ctrl-E ejection sequence with Ctrl-E-E-E (Hold Control key down and hit E three times

•Ping rate has been added to the multiplayer score window. Press ‘ (quote) key to show score window

•New coop multiplayer A-10 mission has been added

•Aircraft and ground vehicles can now be seen at much greater distances (16 miles)

•Added combined gun and missile HUD modes for F-15C. Player can now have active gun pipper and missile launch symbology on the HUD at the same time. To do so, select AA mode, select missile, then select gun mode (press C)

•Mouse cursor has been removed from screen during a network game

•Fixed the absence of some AG weapon IDs on Russian HUDs

•Released the AGM-65 lock point if the target is destroyed by another weapon

•Fixed incorrect performance of Kh-25ML missile if a Kh-25MP missile has been launched first. For example: if the player launches an antiradar Kh-25MP against a SAM, and then launches an Kh-25ML while the Kh-25MP is still in flight, you are locking the laser designation to next target for Kh-25ML. When the Kh-25MP hits the target, the laser lock for ML is removed.

•Fixed incorrect radar lock warning when target is locked via TWS mode of F-15C radar

Removed the A2A missile indications marks on Russian MFD (when AWACS is in the mission).

•Added separate keys to release chaff and flares (Insert and Delete).

•The F4 key provides the player with a quick check-six view now. The chase view is now assigned to Ctrl-F4 by default.

•Pilot Log Book will no longer be changed after viewing a track

•If the player activates the seeker boresight / longitudinal mode while flying the F-15C, the player can now adjust the antenna elevation angle (shift; and ,) when in TWS or RWS mode

•If the player locks a target in TWS mode and then locks it again to enter STT mode, the RWS/TWS mode indicator on the VSD will no longer be corrupted.

•Missiles now use correct proportional navigation and are more efficient at reaching their target.

•AIM-120 proximity fuse distance has been increased to 15 m.

•Moved model timer configuration parameters to the Config/ModelTimer/ModelTimer.lua file.

•Removed read-only flags for all *.ini files in ./Config, ./Input and ./ME sub-folders.

•Removed missiles with the semi active radar-homing seekers as valid systems when using CAC mode for Russian aircraft (if Radar is off)

•The R-27AE missile removed. This missile is not in the service of the Russian air forces.

•The reconnaissance-bomber aircraft MiG-25RBT can now use bombs when assigned a ground attack task.

•The R-27EM missiles can now only be used with the Su-33. This missile is an improved version of the R-27ER and is optimized to intercept low-altitude targets such as anti-ship missiles.

•S-13 rockets have been added to the Su-25.

•Motorized Infantry Battalion (MSB 1980) has been added for Russia and Ukraine.

•Realism adjustments have been made for several surface-air missiles

•Added new TTI (Time to Target Impact) algorithm calculations for missiles

•The F-15C will now automatically transition from Home On Jam (HOJ) to an STT radar lock when ECM burn-through has been achieved

•Added velocity delta indication to Russian HUDs (aside from Su-25). This is the horizontal line in the upper left portion of the HUD with the line beneath it.

•Increased F-15C ability to burn-through ECM from 25 to 30 nm

•Adjusted navigational information for MiG-29A, C, G, Su-27, and Su-33. Velocity indicator now shows speed discretely (10 kph, 10 kts for MiG29G) Altitude indicator: Barometric altitude now shown discretely in 10 meters (100 feet for MiG29G) increments. Radio altimeter is now shown discretely in one meter increments or 10 foot increments

•Added a data exporting tool for user-made cockpits, etc. Lock On will call Lua functions defined in the Config/Export/Export.lua script. Data export is disabled by default in the Config/Export/Export.lua script.

•The Minimum Range Staple (MRS) and the Desired Release Cue (DRC) symbols have been added to the A-10 HUD when in bombing mode.

•Fixed inability of some joysticks to use gun trigger and view panning with hat correctly

•Added + (plus symbol) over a padlocked target

•Airspeeds on the HUD are now displayed in Indicated Air Speed

•The static C-130 objects now render correctly

•Added mini-HUD for all aircraft. This display can be selected on or off in the Options.

•Assigned Release weapon function to the joystick BUTTON 2 by default. Moved Change weapon function to the BUTTON 4. This applies only to Western aircraft. BUTTON 2 will launch missiles, bombs, or rockets. Trigger (BUTTON 1) files gun.

•Players can see each others smoke rockets in multiplayer sessions.

•Clients now receive air defense unit radar warnings on their RWR

•New controller axis:

•Scenes and Traffic setting option now saves correctly

•If Russian aircraft loses radar lock, the EOS sensor will attempt to continue lock if range allows

•Russian aircraft will lose a search track on a target if they roll more than 110-degrees

•Range bumping on F-15C VSD has been corrected; the TDC is reset to the center of VSD after a range bump

•Increased the thickness of the RPI, RTR, and RMIN lines on the F-15C's HUD DLZ

•Disabled ability to re-arm when landing outside an airfield

•Trim adjustment rate has been increased

•Removed chaff and flares from MiG-25P / RBT

•Enabled force feedback trim effect

•Implemented gain parameters for force feedback effects

•Enabled cockpit camera control with joystick axis when cockpit mouse view option is off

•Changed joystick polling algorithm

•Restored mouse zoom limits in the cockpit

•Restored object crash in external view

•Fixed picture of M-818 vehicle in AWACS view

•Fixed bug regarding Betty voice after switching aircraft

•Invulnerable difficulty setting has been corrected

•Ground based SAMs now work correctly when enemy ships are in the mission

•Corrected crash in third mission of the F-15C campaign

•Fixed the plane velocity and target velocity indicators on Russian aircraft HUD

•Missiles will not change target unless there are flares or chaffs in the seeker’s field of view

•Mixed loadouts have been corrected in the Fast Battle Planner

•Audio is silenced when the game is paused

•Tracks now play back correctly when using trim and a force feedback joystick

•Objects hidden using the Hide Objects feature in the Mission Editor are no longer displayed in F10-view and briefing views

•Fixed the error with broken tracks when user presses Cancel in save menu after Video Edit

•Added new pilot Robin “SPIDEOG” Byrne to the Logbook. A tribute to Robin from his family and friends.

•Launch zone for SAMs now a factor in target’s altitude and aspect

•Missile trails and explosions are no longer affected by graphic options settings

•Increased ability of point-defense gun systems to intercept air targets

•Changed ship guns so that they orient in the correct direction

•Fixed bug with objects disappearing from view

•Fixed synchronization at the start of a LAN Game

•Reduced default external zoom speed. Made cockpit zoom speed and external zoom speed configurable in the Config\View\View.cfg file

•Infrared seekers now have difficulty locking on to a target when the Sun is in the seeker’s field of view

•Corrected incorrect zoom-in external views for track playback if zoom was changed when paused while recording

•Cockpit mouse look is automatically disabled while TrackIR is in enhanced mode

•Changed cockpit and external object camera movement according to a logarithmic acceleration rate. Made separate camera keyboard control acceleration parameters for cockpit and external views (see Config\View\View.cfg for details, please).

•Decreased explosion sizes

•Integrated scripted language Lua 5.0 to the project. Moved view config parameters from the Config\View\View.cfg to the Config\View\View.lua file. Renamed Config\View\View.cfg to Config\View\Labels.cfg

•Decreased cockpit camera rotation speed for absolute axis (TrackIR and joystick) by three times

•Fixed bluish look to the F/A-18A/C canopy glass reflection

•Fixed problem with assigning Mission Editor Objectives to static objects

•Added wind dependency for calculated shell impact point

•Restricted cockpit and external camera moving acceleration time. Added corresponding parameters to the Config\View\View.lua

•When the player ejects, the external view changes to the parachute

•Reduced fogging distance for ATI Radeon cards

•Corrected F-15C elevation scan zone as represented as the minimum and maximum scan altitudes at the TDC’s position on the VSD

•Added trim lights in the Su25 cockpit

•Fixed the F-15C Flood mode bug when several targets in flood cone simultaneously

•Static vehicles explode and burn after destruction now

•Static ships now sink when damaged

•Separated mouse speed parameters for cockpit and external views in the Config/View/View.lua file

•Alt - Key Pad 1-9 move pan base in the cockpit view. Ctrl - Key Pad 1-9 or joystick hat make pan steps relative to current pan base

•Shells persistency increased from 3.5s to 6s and unguided rockets persistency has been doubled

•Renamed Config/View/LookJump.lua to Config/View/SnapViews.lua. Added script files for different view types, moved some parameters from the Config/View/View.lua to corresponding files

•Western systems now use imperial units in the external view information data bar

•Corrected difficulty settings in a LAN Game

•Disabled force feedback effects during track play back

•Added working clock to the main menu screen

•Improved Quick Start missions for the F-15C

•Version number now embedded in main menu screen altitude gauge


Bastano? Per conoscerli tutti leggiti il file Readme 1.02 che trovi nella cartella di installazione di lock on dopo che lo hai aggiornato alla patch 1.02

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mi sembra che quelli siano tutti gli aggiornamenti dalla prima patch (per esempio l'espulsione era già stata cambiata)


No, ti sbagli.


Raga una domandona. 

Come cippalippa si fanno ad accendere i motori nel modo indicato dal manuale, il + giusto, non funziona...


e poi come si fa a spegnere?


Per accendere i motori devi pigiare il tasto "pag up" che trovi sulla tastiera sopra le freccette direzionali.

Per spegnerli "page down".


Se vuoi accenderli separatamente se non sbaglio bisogna usare la combinazione di SHIFT e CTRL.

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sicurissimo se premo una volta sola non succede nulla...

a proposito oggi per sbaglio ho premuto ctrl+c a 400 di velocità poi ho gettato via il phon, ormai non mi serviva più!

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poi per cercare di metterlo a posto (non sapevo che era rotto) ho premuto r ed a quel punto il mio amico è scoppiato a ridere e io mi sono fracassato per avere almeno un po' di onore...

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