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Spagna ordina mezzi terrestri per 250 M€


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Spain’s armed forces have recently placed a wide range of orders for vehicles, radios, ammunition, and other supplies and services, which are worth about EUR 250 million (currently $363 million) taken together.


Items include:


Note that all linked notifications are in Spanish. Many thanks to DID subscriber Pedro Lucio for his assistance:


* Maintenance of Spanish Army helicopters, type unspecified – EUR 4.5 million to Spain’s Industria de Turbo Propulsores (ITP)


* Self-protection systems for helicopters – EUR 8 million to NATO’s NAMSA agency, which coordinates procurement of some items on behalf of NATO members to help them realize bulk savings.


* PR4G radios, accessories et. al. – EUR 180 million to AMPER. See DID coverage of the PR4G software defined radio, produced under license with Thales.


* One Tetrapol communications system shelter and accessories – EUR 3.5 million to EADS


* 4 Centauro 8×8 wheeled recovery vehicles, and upgrade of 21 Centauro 8×8 reconaissance/ tank destroyer vehicles with a new thermal camera – 23.2 million to Iveco Fiat Oto Melara


* Spare parts for the Pizarro tracked IFV (joint venture with Austria, who calls it Ulan) – EUR 7 million to General Dynamics Santa Barbara Sistemas


* 360 Anibal (licensed Land Rover variant) light vehicles – EUR 11.5 million to Santana Motor. See Spanish Army page for Anibal.


* 150 Anibal (licensed Land Rover variant) light vehicles – EUR 5.3 million to Santana Motor


* 53 trucks, 10-ton. Note that an 10-ton truck doesn’t weigh 10 tons, it carries 10-ton loads. – EUR 10 million to IVECO Espana for 43 general cargo, plus EUR 2.2 million to IVECO Espana for another 10 type unspecified.


* 17 trucks, 10-ton VEMPAR class self-loading – EUR 6.6 million to IVECO Espana


* 25 trucks, 6-ton – EUR 1.6 million to IVECO Espana


* 63 trucks, 4-ton – EUR 8.2 million to IVECO Espana


* 27 VM90 ambulances, 5-ton class – EUR 2.5 million to IVECO Espana. Army Recognition vehicle page.


* 12 all-terrain fire trucks – EUR 2.3 million to IVECO Escapana.


* 33 all-terrain fire trucks, tank capacity 2,500 to 5,000 liters/ 6,660 to 1,320 gallons – EUR 5.6 million to URO VE S.A. See product page.


* 120mm exercise ammunition for Spain’s Leopard 2A4/ Leopard 2E tanks – EUR 4 million to Rheinmetall

Sono pazzerelli a coprare le VM-90 versione ambulanza quando ci sono le più sicure su telaio Lince

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