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United States Space Force ...

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Un pò per uno non fa male a nessuno ...


The Space Force awarded four launch missions worth $385 million to SpaceX and United Launch Alliance, bringing the number of missions assigned under its heavy-lift launch contracts to seven.
Under the task orders issued March 9, ULA and SpaceX will each launch two missions. 
ULA was awarded $225 million to launch and integrate the USSF-112 and USSF-87 missions on its Vulcan Centaur rockets while SpaceX was awarded $160 million to launch and integrate USSF-36 and launch NROL-69 on its Falcon 9 rockets. 
The NROL-69 mission was awarded in partnership with the National Reconnaissance Office, which will separately fund integration for the mission.

... c4isrnet.com ... https://www.c4isrnet.com/battlefield-tech/space/2021/03/10/space-force-issues-385-million-in-launch-orders-to-spacex-and-ula/ ...


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Si va verso una "Grande Coalizione" nel settore spaziale militare ...


At the dawn of the new space age, the United States is racing to assemble a military coalition of spacefaring nations to rival that of Operation Enduring Freedom or the Western Bloc.
Its success could reshape yet another area of military power in America’s image, bringing the same security dynamics to the cosmos that have evolved for decades on Earth.
Countries have operated military satellites, radars, and other space-related weapon systems for years. 
But with a Cold War redux underway, the United States says it needs to beef up its defenses on orbit to fend off Russian and Chinese aggression in the cosmos. 
American officials argue it takes a multinational team to protect international space exploration and commerce - as well as GPS and other systems that enable terrestrial ops and modern civilian life.

... airforcemag.com ... https://www.airforcemag.com/article/building-the-new-space-coalition/ ...


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