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Indovina chi viene a Nellis ....

TT-1 Pinto

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Importante conoscere anche le "regole del gioco"

E cioè utilizzo di Awacs e aerei totalmente operativi per il BVR oppure no.....sennò succede come con le esercitazioni con gli indiani di qualce tempo fa...


Ma comunque la cosa è molto interessante!!! Sono curioso di conoscere i risultati.

Anche se il mio "sogno" è uno scenario in europa con i russi in difesa con mig-31 e flanker in seconda linea e usaf con f-22 (per vedere fino a quanto in fondo riescono ad arrivare)e f-16

Ma credo non si farà mai....

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Come si diceva una volta .... "Contrordine compagni !" ....


.... ovvero .... era troppo bello per essere vero .... :(


No Krasni Flag


Russia won't be participating in an Air Force Red Flag exercise this year, according to an exercise spokesman at Eielson AFB, Alaska.


What? Russia at Red Flag?


Several media outlets—including the Voice of Russia radio network's English-language website—ran stories last week suggesting (1) Russia would indeed be sending fighters to a Red Flag exercise in October, either at Nellis AFB, Nev., or in Alaska.


This would be an extraordinary first if true, and a watershed development in US-Russian relations.


But, alas, no red-starred Flankers and Fulcrums will be populating the ramps at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Eielson, or anywhere else.


Air Force officials told the Daily Report on July 6 that Russia had requested sending observers—not aircraft—to a Red Flag exercise this fall, but it won't be happening.


While it would have been interesting to see those Sukhoi and MiG fighters at Red Flag—playing Red Air, perhaps?—modern Russian-designed fighters have already played in a Red Flag.


In 2008, India brought its Su-30s MKI fighters (2) to Nellis.


John A. Tirpak


Links ....


(1) .... http://english.ruvr.ru/2012_07_03/80124065/


(2) .... http://www.airforce-magazine.com/DRArchive/Pages/2008/July%202008/July%2018%202008/TheIndiansareComing.aspx


Come riportato questa mattina dal "Daily Report dell' AFA ....

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"How the world has changed... This would have been absolutely unthinkable even a few years ago. It's actually kinda bizarre now... But at the same time, kinda awesome"



Lo dico spesso anche io.



Secondo me non saranno la fazione rossa, ma comunque verranno messi a conoscenza dell'interpretazione americana del loro modo di operare, ci sarà uno scambio d'informazioni, che getteranno le basi per future esercitazioni.




E comunque siamo sempre molto sul politico, nelle faccende USA-Russia






"Two Russian strategic nuclear bombers entered the U.S. air defense zone near the Pacific coast on Wednesday and were met by U.S. interceptor jets, defense officials told the Free Beacon."

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Nuove precisazioni ..... dal "Daily Report" dell' AFA di questa mattina .....


More Details on "Nyet Flag"


Russian news reports—and other news outlets that picked up the story last week—claiming that Russia would send fighters to an upcoming Red Flag exercise are "a complete fabrication," said Air Force spokeswoman Jennifer Cassidy.


Russia was indeed supposed to send "working-level observers" to last month's Red Flag-Alaska 12-2, but their participation was canceled "due to reciprocity issues," she told the Daily Report on July 9 without elaboration.


Observers at this "unit leadership" or "worker bee" level normally watch the exercise in order to prepare for possible full participation a year in advance, she explained.


However, Red Flag participation by actual Russian air force fighters and strike aircraft "was never considered," she said.


And, "no further . . . observation/participation" by the Russian air force in Red Flag "is planned at this time," she noted.


Nevertheless, a Russian air force one-star general did watch the June exercise as part of an executive observer program.


The Air Force could not immediately say whether this was the first time a Russian air force general observed a Red Flag at any level.


John A. Tirpak


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