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Ricrescita dei tessuti organici


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In questo articolo, un soldato a cui una granata aveva lacerato il 70% del tessuto muscolare di una gamba, ha partecipato ad una sperimentazione su cui sono stati investiti 70M $, facendosi iniettare un ormone di maiale per stimolare la ricrescita del muscolo. A quanto pare funziona abbastanza bene.



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E pensare che solo 3 anni fa gli "esperti" screditavano i primi successi di questo tipo di tecnologia. Contestando la riscrescita dell'ultima falange di un dito completa di unghia.



In August 2005, Lee Spievack, then in his early sixties, accidentally sliced off the tip of his right middle finger just above the first phalanx His brother, Dr. Alan Spievack, was researching regeneration and provided him with powdered extracellular matrix developed by Dr. Stephen Badylak of the McGowan Institute of Regenerative Medicine. Mr. Spievack covered the wound with the powder, and the tip of his finger re-grew in four weeks. The news was released in 2007. Lee Spievack is the first documented case of an adult human regenerating fingertips; however, Ben Goldacre has described this as "the missing finger that never was", claiming that fingertips regrow and quoted Simon Kay, professor of hand surgery at the University of Leeds who from the picture provided by Goldacre described the case as seemingly "an ordinary fingertip injury with quite unremarkable healing"



Del resto: "La bomba atomica non esploderà mai. Parlo come esperto di esplosivi" (William Daniel Leahy, Ammiraglio USA, 1945)

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