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Russia recupererà il Tu-142M3 precipitato a novembre


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Russia plans to resume Tu-142 search in Far East


Russia will resume on May 28 a search for the bodies of the crew members of a Tu-142M3 maritime reconnaissance plane that crashed in the Tartar Strait in November 2009, a Pacific Fleet spokesman said on Tuesday.


Eleven people were on board the Pacific Fleet plane that went down during a combat training flight on November 6 some 20 kilometers (12 miles) off the Tatar Strait, which separates mainland Russia from the Far East island of Sakhalin.


"We are planning to resume the search on May 28, but as usual everything will depend on the weather," Capt. 1st Rank Roman Martov said.


The search for the plane started immediately after the crash and the remains of the plane were located the following day by several ships and planes at a depth of about 44 meters (144 feet).


However, experts have not yet determined the cause of the crash and the search mission will also attempt to locate the plane's data recorders.


Work has been suspended several times due to moving ice floes and bad weather in the area.


Martov said the new search would involve rescue ships, tugboats, deep-sea robotic vehicles and divers.


"We know where the wreckage is located and the ships will arrive in the target area," he said


fonte RiaNovosti

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Vi chiedo: un recupero così impegnativo, anche e non solo per le condizioni meteo, è finalizzato al comprensibile recupero dell'equipaggio o anche al rientro in possesso del velivolo che, magari, è equipaggiato con dispositivi tecnologici che è meglio che non vadano nelle mani di altri?

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