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Jan den Das

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During my inquiry of Breda aero planes I found on a page the name Breda-Pensuti.

This was a small civil tri-plane, and I hope that because its a civil plane some one could help.

When I saw this plane I could remember that I have seen it alreday. After thinking about it I remember that I saw it in a re-print of the WWI period, it was mentioned in 1919 under Pensuti and was named the Pensuti-Caproni and was powered by a 3 cylinder Anzani.

Concerning the Breda-Pensuti I found that it was was used in 1923 or 1925 but it was powered by a 80 hp rotary engine (which one: Gnome or LeRhone?).

Who can help me concerning this/these aeroplane(s) with the following information:history/drawings/dimensions (as much as possible)/pictures/colors, but also construction details (and pictures/drawings which gives these details) technical information etc.



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I am stupid

Normally I check the pictures.

On what I found concerning the Breda-Pensuti it was mentioned that the engine was a 80 hp rotaro, what I translate as a rotary.

But after checking pictures I found that the engines was not a roraty but a 6 cylinder Anzani.

Still interresting in all kind of info/details


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It’s very hard to find something useful about the Breda-Pensuti, on the net. I was searching for it (half an hour), without success.

But I found some links:






Bye bye.

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