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  1. On the site Avia-it.com there is an article with interresting information concerning the C.A. AP.1 The last build project mentioned there is the C.P.3, this was an AP.1 with retractable landing gear. There are dimensions and a drawing. Who can help me with more inforemtion, such as, which were the differens between the AP.1 and C.P.3. History of the C.P.3. Pictures of the C.P.3 which also shows several details, such as landing gear. Other interresting details materials? Thanks Jan
  2. Thank you for that scan. I thank some one started an article on wikipede and made an mistake and so is the Breda A-1 started and I am happy that I am not the only one who thinks there is never been a Breda A-1. I think it started with the B-1 an arliner based on the Caproni bomber who was build at the Breda factory during the war. You offered me to send more scans from that encoclopedia, this would be welcome. During my inquiry I found that pre war articles gives a lot of technical etc. details also of the lesser known types. I have alreday several scans/copies of the Breda pages of Jane's
  3. Thank you I have the same conclusion concerning the Breda A-1. Yes I am interresting in the part concerning Breda. Thanks Jan
  4. Thank you for the information. The only materials I have concerning the Italian Aviatiks are the article from Storia Militare by Achille Vigna and a copy of the part manual of the S.A.M.L. A type. Using the site you mention I found the following, interresting, details concerning the civil registered Aviatiks, mentioned in that article. I-BAIS , Aviatik A-2 I-BAOO , Macchi Aviatik I-BAHP , Calori A-1 I-AAAD , Aviatik A-2 I-AADG , Aviatik A-2 I-AZCB , Aviatik A-2 I-BACD , Aviatik A-2 Interresting to see that 2 where not named Aviatik, I think thats possible that something was also hap
  5. For some time I try to find details etc. concerning the Breda A.1, or any prove if this ype ever exist, but without any results. Mostly they I received to look at Airwar.ru, but this and most other sites give they same source, wich I dont trust. There is one picture of an aeroplane which should be an A.1 but when I am checking the serial than its mentioned as an Aviatik and these were build at S.A.M.L. If the A.1 ever excist it should have been a changed modified S.A.M.L. A.3. So y questions: who can help me with the changes made to the A.3 so it would be an A.1, and if possible drawings an
  6. Concerning the Breda Ba.82. Is there any information concerning the fuselage construction? If you see the type (between the 65 and 88) than I think thats its possible that it was steel tube covered with metal? Who give me more inforrmation/materials? Thanks Jan
  7. Hai A lot op people interrested in historical aviation know about the Breda A.14 bomber, only prototype. Most people dont know about the Breda A.13. Well this is the same aeroplane, but because that there are people who has problems with 13 is this changed in 14. I found this information in l'Aeronautice from May 1925. Ardea-Bengonzi At the Taliedo airschow in 1919 was at the Breda stand a biplane canard the Ardea-Bergonzi, which also was named Bergonzi-Tonini. The only this I found is that Bergonzi and Tonini designed and build before the Great War already two Canard monoplanes.
  8. Hi thanks for this information, thats a start. Who can help me with the other questions? A new question was means SC- and SCA-? Maybe Scuola Cacia and Scuola Cacia Assalto? Thanks Jan
  9. CAB build the Breda SC.4 and SCA.5 During my inquiry concerning Breda aeroplanes and projects I can not find any good details about these two types. Now I hope that you can help me with the following details/materials: 1. Dimensions; 2. Drawings; 3. Pictures; 4. History; 5. Other interrestingd details materials. Thanks Jan
  10. Several years ago I started an inquiry and collecting everything, concerning aeroplanes/projects of Breda. I received the information that there is a book from 1971, Aeroplani d'Italia, monografie di aeroplani e construttori italiani. Sometime ago I ask on the froum if some one could help me, without succes. A few days ago I found that the Biblioteca Braidense in Milano had this book. On my request if it is possible to scan the Breda pages I received a positive answer, but after that I received an email that it was not possible because several pages were to big for the scanner. Now is my
  11. Hi I received from some one the pages of the Breda Ba.44, from Aeroplani d'Italia - Monografie di aeroplani e construttori italiani. The source send me a scan of the only pages he had. But there was also a page 1 which gives an impression of a big part of the book, which showed that they had the whole line of Breda aeroplanes mentioned. I have tried the internet but no result, so now my questions: 1. How can I get this book? 2. Who has this book and will scan the Breda pages for me? I would be very pleased, this would be ver helpfull with my Breda inquiry. Thanks Jan
  12. This is wellknown information, but there is not mentioned which type was build in Italy, and which factory. Jan
  13. Which factory build during the World War I the Hispano-Suiza aero engines? Which versions? Jan
  14. Hallo In seceretprojects I found the following information concerning the Breda A.1 or Breda 1: Breda A.1 -- 1924 4-bay biplane light a/c, 1 x 140 hp Colombo 110D, 10.20m span - A.1: Derived from SAML* A-3 (in turn, derived from licenced Aviatik designs) -- * Società Anonima Meccanica Lombarda took on Aviatik's designer, Robert Wild. This sounds verywell and when you look under the Breda A.1 in the site airwar.ru, you find a picture of the I-BECT, but this is mentioned in the register as Aviatik and the drawing they showed is from one of the earley prototypes of the Breda A.4 Is there
  15. Thank you, but that one, breda, I have. Now I am interrested in other Breda types.
  16. Hi I am looking for some monografies which were published in Aeroplani d'Italia. How/were can I get this? Thanks Jan
  17. Hi Hobo Thanks, but these pages I have already found. I hope that some one, at least, can help me with impressions/information/etc. concerning the construction, at least the fuselage. It is also far before my time. Thanks regards, Jan
  18. Hi During the twenties the Italian Breda factory designed and build a few biplane bombers, from which were only build prototype. Its concerning the following types: Breda A.3, was powered with four SPAD 200 hp engines (2 in tandem); Breda A.8, was powered with two Isotta-Fraschini Asso 500 hp engines ( aeroplane based on the A.3); Breda A.14, was powered with three Bristol radial 450 hp engines; this aero plane was later rebuild as passenger aero plane. I am interrested in: 1. History; 2. Colors; 3. Drawings; 4. Dimensions; 5. Pictures; 6. Drawings/pictu
  19. Hi Thanks for the site. But this picture I have seen several times. On the site Airwar.ru I have seen this picture but the drawing they showed was different, but you know this site is not 100%. The registration on this aero plane is on the name of Breda and the aero plane is an Aviatik. The two seat version of the Pensuti three plane build by Breda was a side-by-side. The A.2 and A.4 side-by-side. It will surprise me if the A.1 was not a side-by-side. Regards Jan
  20. Hi Who can help me with information/materials concerning the Breda A.1? The A.1 was a smaller version of the later wellknown A.4. I am interrested in: 1. History (how many build); 2. how and in which colors were they painted; 3. Technical and construction details; 4. At least a three side view drawing; 5. Pictures; 6. Other interresting information/materials. Thanks. Jan
  21. Thank you for the information. Can you tell me was the design original or did they use an excisting model (lince or rebuild)? Thanks Jan
  22. Hai Who can help me with information concerning the Colombo 110/110D aero engines? My interests are, drawings (left/right/front/back/top) and dimensions (length/height/wide) technical details, pictures, etc. Further all kind of interesting information. Thanks Jan
  23. My compliments with the article I am very pleased. A question, how and in which colors were the aero planes painted during there civil period with Littoria? Concerning Littoria, they used also the Breda Ba.32 is there also such a history and how was it painted. Again my compliments. Jan
  24. Help needed Breda A.1 The only information I could find is the site of Airwar.ru. You can find on the page of the A.1 a picture and a drawing. The picture shows two cockpits behind each other and the drawing side-by-syde. The serial I-BACT was registered on 14.12.22 to Breda, Taliedo Destroyed 12.35 and the plane was aa Aviatik A-3. So I think (I am sure) that the picture is not correct. The drawing could be correct, because the B.2 had a side-by-syde and also the B.4. Who has more information/materials concerning the A.1??? Breda A.4 Concerning this type I found a little bi
  25. Marco I think a misunderstanding. My contact with China is to get information/materials concerning the three types Breda (25, 27 and 28) who were used there. The prototypes I am looking for information/material are the two Ba.27. Jan
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