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Collimatore San Giorgio

Guest Folgore

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Guest Folgore
ne of the most used gunsight installed into italian fighters during the WWII was the S.Giorgio type B.


In this post I'd like to show few images and drawings about the gunsight.

The pictures below are from Ali d'Italia magazines, FIAT CR42 and FIAT G.50 (Giorgio Apostolo Editore http://www.apostoloeditore.com/).


The device was installed on other several fighters, of course, like the Macchi C202 Folgore.


Drawings are from RA original manual and from RA Armament booklet.


It's interesting to note that there were two reticles on glass gunsight: a smaller one was carved on glass, the bigger one was visible when the device/light was switched on.








Da: http://www.targettobruk.net/forums/viewtop...f=17&t=1072

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Bellissima documentazione, ho sempre nutrito un certo interesse per il collimatore italiano.

Grazie Folgore


Sarebbe bello poterlo paragonare alle soluzioni adottate dalle altre nazioni.

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