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Il "Combat Alliance" è un exercise che dal 1995 viene condotto tutti gli anni dagli stati del CIS e si divide in due parti. La prima parte del 2007 si è tenuta in Giugno con poco seguito e quasi ignorata.

L'attuale stato di frizione tra Russia e Gran Bretagna ha fatto si che alla parte 2 che si terrà nella seconda metà di agosto venga dato molto più risalto :



MOSCOW, August 10 (Itar-Tass) - The Russian Air Force has begun preparation for the second stage of the CIS air defense command and staff exercises Combat Alliance-2007, the chief of the Air Force Staff, Lieutenant-General Igor Khvorov, told reporters on Friday.


“The maneuvers will be held at the Ashuluk Range in the Astrakhan region in the second half of August. Units of the Russian Air Force and air defense are preparing to meet the participants in the exercises. All participants in the CIS joint air defense system are expected to arrive,” he said.


The first stage of the exercises was held at the Telemba Range in the Chita region with the participation of air forces, air defense systems, the Russian Baltic Fleet and Belarus’ air defense units in June.


Aircraft and air defense units of Russia, Armenia, Belarus and Kyrgyzstan will take part in the second stage of the exercises.


The maneuvers will include live fire practices of antiaircraft missile systems S-75, S-125, S-200, S-300, Krug and Kub.


The planes Su-24, Su-25 and MiG-29 will hit aerial and ground targets.


The Combat Alliance exercises are held from June 21 to September 20, Khvorov said.


The maneuvers involve members of the CIS joint air defense systems, including Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Uzbekistan.


The exercises are regularly conducted beginning from 1995.

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