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Estromessi dagli EAU ...

TT-1 Pinto

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E' il risultato di una politica estera a dir poco estemporanea ...


The United Arab Emirates is evicting Italian aircraft and personnel from a key military base in retaliation for an arms embargo slapped on the UAE by Rome in January, an Italian politician has told Defense News.
Matteo Perego Di Cremnago, an Italian member of parliament and member of the parliamentary defense commission, said Italy had been given until July 2 to leave the Al Minhad air base in the UAE.
“The pull-out has already started and while work is underway by Italy to secure a last-minute cancellation of the eviction, I doubt it will succeed,” he told Defense News.
“When relationships break down in the Gulf it is very hard to resurrect them,” he added.
Former Italian air force chief Gen. Leonardo Tricarico told Defense News that the last Italian aircraft had left the base on Thursday, leaving only residual material to collect.

... defensenews.com ... https://www.defensenews.com/global/europe/2021/06/25/italian-forces-kicked-out-of-middle-east-base-over-uae-arms-embargo-lawmaker-says/ ...

Il commento di Tricarico ... formiche.net ... https://formiche.net/2021/06/difesa-emirati-lettera-tricarico/ ...

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E pensare che la pattuglia acrobatica locale è diretta emanazione delle nostre frecce...anzi esiste solo grazie al nostro training (e aerei).

Ero in motorino, ho visto che l'articolo lo cita e mette la manutenzione nel conto dei problemi...



Come fatto altrove consiglio il canale Ronin production. Un "must"  per gli utenti di questo forum.

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