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Novità da Airbus

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Presentata la nuova generazione di Beluga, questa volta basata sul più grande A330.



Sempre da Airbus arriva la nuova denominazione dei Bombardier CS100 e CS300, che diventano A220-100 e A220-300 e vengono presentati ufficialmente, ampliando verso il basso la gamma del consorzio.



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Emergono i risultati delle inchieste a carico di Airbus ...


Judicial authorities overseeing a deferred prosecution arrangement with Airbus have described as “endemic” the bribery linked to its commercial aircraft and defence divisions, as details emerged of activities scrutinised by fraud investigators.
Airbus has agreed to pay a €3.6 billion fine to settle multiple investigations from French, UK and US authorities.
While a French arrangement covers the largest part of the fine, over €2 billion, court approval of the UK portion of the settlement, over €990 million, has been accompanied by an agreed statement of facts about the alleged offences of failure to prevent bribery.

... flightglobal.com ... Court describes ‘endemic’ bribery aimed at securing Airbus orders ...

Anche qui ... ainonline.com ... Airbus Agrees To Pay $4 billion Corruption Charge Settlement ...

Il comunicato di Airbus ... https://www.airbus.com/newsroom/press-releases/en/2020/01/airbus-reaches-agreements-with-french-uk-and-us-authorities.html ...


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