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italian guns to identify


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Hello to all members. Recently, I was looking to a couple of photos of LUCE archive from the Greek island of Leros. Just for a short briefing, Leros was a quite big naval base during ww2. In every mountain there were batteries with a variety of guns, including naval - coast artillery (152/50 mm, 120/45 mm, 102/35 mm), anti torpedo batteries ( 102/35 mm, 76/50 mm, 16/40 mm) and anti aircraft batteries (102/35 mm, 90/53 mm, 76/40 mm).

In the numbered photos that follow, I have written on them my questions to you.

Any info or opinions about the type of the guns would be very helpful to my research.

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,














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Hi Nick, welcome to the forum !

I think that the machine guns in the first 2 photos are twin Breda mod.31 in a heavy installation.

I may be wrong but 2/2.1/2.2 could be referred to 152/45 S.

3/3.1 could be 152/50 A but I'm not sure

I cant't think anything for the others, I'll make some research

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La prima sembra proprio una Breda modello 31 da 13,2mm.




Il secondo potrebbe essere un 102/35. Pare ve ne fossero anche con canna lunga 45 calibri.



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Mi sono andato a cercare qualche dato sul presidio di Leros: sicuramente le mitragliatrici nelle prime foto sono Breda mod 31 e su quella nell'ultima hai ragione tu.

Per quanto riguarda le armi pesanti c'è la conferma della presenza di pezzi da 152mm, 120mm (ma su questo ho trovato pareri discordanti), 102mm, 90mm e 76mm ma devo ancora capirne i modelli, appena so qualcosa posto



at sept., 8th, 1943, Italian Royal navy had on Leros 14 naval batteries, 12 naval/AAA batteries and 14 heavy machine gun detachments, with 11-152 mm guns (4-152/50, 7-152/40), 9-120/45 mm, 19-102/35 mm, 6-90/53 mm, 52-76 (8-76/40, 44-76/40) mm, plus 3-twin barrels 37/40 mm, 15-20 mm, 5-twin barrels 13,2 mm and 26-single barrels 13,2 mm.


EDIT 2: ho trovato pure la composizione delle batterie ma non sono sicuro di quanto sia affidabile:


„Ducci“ (as command stand – Gruppo Marina – South too) Vessels, ships 4 x 152 mm/L50

(former 4x120),
1 searchlight (120 cm) Monte Cazzuni 1926/27, modernized 1935/36
„Costanzo Ciano“ -„- 4 x 152 mm/L50 Monte Clidi 1939
„San Giorgio“ -„- 3 x 152 mm/L40 Mt. Scumbarda 1939
Farinata -„- 4 x 120 mm/L45 Mt. Marcello 1935/36
„Mario Lago“ (command stand Gruppo Marine East too) -„- 4 x 130 mm/L45. 1 searchlight (120 cm) Mt. Appetiki 1925-27
PL.388 (command stand Gruppo Marina South too ) torpedoboats 4 x 102 mm/L35,
1 searchlight 1938
PL.221 (command stand for all batteries of the South Area) Vessels and AA 4 x 76 mm/L40;
2 x 37 mm/L54 AA Mt. Patella 1938-39
PL.127 Vessels 4 x 90 mm/L53 Mt. Meraviglia 1940
PL.899 Vessels 4 x 76 mm/L50 Palma-Bucht 1939
PL.690 Przeciw torpedowcom 4 x 76 mm/L50 Agia Marina 1929
PL.262 (command stand Gruppo Marina South) AA 6 x 76 mm/L40 Mt. Scumbarda 1929
PL.508 Torpedoboats 2 x 76 mm/L50 Mt. Crumidi 1938
PL.250 -„- 3 x 76 mm/L40 Punta Cazzuni 1927
PL.432 -„- 2 x 76 mm/L40 La Madonna .
PL.306 Vessels and AA 6 x 102 mm/L35 Monte Vigla 1938
PL.211 4 x 102 mm/L35
& 4 x 76 mm/L40 Monte Rahi 1939
PL.227 4 x 102 mm/L35 Angistro 1938
PL.248 AA 4 x 76 mm/L40 Mt. Crumidi .
PL.749 -„- 4 x 76 mm/L40 Insel Arcangelo 1939
PL.763 (także stanowisko dowodzenia Art. Plot. Centrum) Vessels and AA 6 x 76 mm/L40 Gurna 1936
PL.281 6 x 76 mm/L40 Diapori 1936
PL.906 (także stanowisko dowodzenia Art. Plot. Północ) 4 x 76 mm/L40 Mt. Moplugurna 1934
PL.989 4 x 76 mm/L40 Timari 1934
PL.888 4 x 76 mm/L40 Blefuti-Bucht 1938
PL.113 AA 4 x 76 mm/L40 Mt. Zuncona 1936

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