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Unknown Aircraft Snout

Romantic Technofreak

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Ciao amici,

forgive me not speaking Italian. I happened to find this website:


stating that cartoonist Giovanni Camusso during WWII worked as constuctor for Caproni's.

There, you can find this interesting picture of an aircraft snout, which reminds to the Ca.331 Raffica.
Well, it looks like this aircraft, but not exactly. It could be an unknown variant or a temporary alteration of the canopy, as a contributor on forum.keypublishing.com supposed (a request there remained unsuccessfull). I can see no type designation or other explanation in the original text.

Do you know more? Thank you for every answer!

Regards, RT

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Hi, i think i've got some info on this aircraft.

It seems to be a variant of the "Raffica", precisely the Ca.331B, which mounted improved engines, allowing for an higher cruise speed, and presented some others improvements.


You can see it in this page, just scroll to the middle:



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