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JF-12. Primo wind tunnel ipersonico al mondo reso pubblico


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Si chiama JF-12, ed è la prima galleria del vento ipersonico capace di raggiungere velocità fino a Mach 9.
Pochi giorni fà è stato reso pubblico ai giornalisti.
Quasi sicuramente servirà per ricerche a scopo militare, tipo testare missili anti-nave ipersonici.








Qui sotto c'è un video che ne parla



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Hypersonic flight condition reappeared in JF12 shock tunnel

The JF12 wind tunnel project, kicked off in January 2008, is one of the eight major scientific research equip-ment projects under the joint support of Ministry of Finance and Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). It takes four years form concept development to design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, performance test and field test. As a major initiative to implement the Outline of the Mid-and-Long-term Plan for National Scientific and Technological Development (2006-2020), this move aims to explore the approaches to develop ad-vanced scientific instruments though independent innova-tion, so as to effectively change the over-reliance on im-port and imitation in this field. In response to the needs of major national scientific and technological programs and basic research in different disciplines, the task force suc-cessfully develops an advanced super-large supersonic shock tunnel which uses CAS reverse detonation driven methods and a series of innovative shock tunnel technol-ogies. This wind tunnel is the worlds first to reproduce the flight conditions of the 25-40 km high sky and allows for the testing of jets breathing clean air with a Mash number of 5-9 and a nozzle exit diameter of 2.5/1.5m for more than 100 milliseconds. This wind tunnel is able to achieve the hypersonic flight condition on the ground and it provides an irreplaceable test means for critical tech-nological breakthroughs in major programs and the basic research about high-temperature gas dynamic


Un altro video :

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