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Iran spara a Drone USA


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Bersagliato ma non abbattuto Iran Fired on Military Drone in First Such Attack, U.S. Says



Iranian warplanes “fired multiple rounds” but missed the remotely guided Predator, which has a unique silhouette similar to a giant, upside-down flying spoon and is not easily confused with a piloted jet fighter.



... maggiori dettagli qui http://www.aereimilitari.org/forum/topic/1667-israele-iran/page__pid__293331__st__460?do=findComment&comment=293331 al messaggio #478

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Ma da un punto di vista tecnico, come ha fatto il pilota del drone ad accorgersi di essere stato bersagliato?



Grazie alle immagini ed alle riprese video


aggiungo una segnalazione Drone incident over the Gulf: A sign of the times


the pair of Iranian Sukhoi-25 jets were unable to hit the Predator, which safely returned to base - possibly in Qatar or Kuwait (but U.S. officials remain tight-lipped about its home base). Freedom of navigation in the Gulf - through which one-fifth of the world’s crude output travels - is a vital interest to the U.S. and its regional allies.

So why did Iranian jets try to bring the drone down?

“First, and most probable, senior Iranian leadership intended to fire a shot across the bow of the next U.S. administration and gain political momentum in the run-up to talks” on Iran’s nuclear program, says Cliff Kupchan of the Eurasia Group.

“This drone affair confirms Iran's risk-acceptant posture,” Kupchan adds.

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Strano che hanno mancato il drone. Oltre ad essere lento non è nemmeno agile.

Forse erano colpi di avvertimento.


Ci sono conferme o smentite da parte iraniana?



Esistono diverse ipotesi:

i due Su-25s iraniani sono obsoleti e non in grado di essere efficaci;

i piloti non sono addestrati al combattimento aria-aria;

l'errore è stato voluto (in pratica un avvertimento).


e la conferma c'è Iran confirms firing at U.S. drone over Persian Gulf


Iranian Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi said on Friday that an unidentified aircraft entered the airspace over Iranian territorial waters in the Persian Gulf region and was forced to escape after Iranian armed forces took “smart and firm” action.


Vahidi made the remarks in response to the Pentagon which has said that Iranian fighters have fired at a U.S. drone over the Persian Gulf.

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