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MAKS 2011 ....

TT-1 Pinto

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Alcuni filmati relativi alla manifestazione attualmente in corso presso il Centro Zhukovsky di Mosca ....












I due Sukhoi T-50 in volo e l'arrivo di Airbus A-380 e Boeing 787 ....

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Fa un certo effetto vedere un aereo come il B-52 atterrare in Russia, se si pensa che un tempo quegli aerei dovevano essere prontii alzarsi in volo e devastarla a colpi di armi atomiche...


Nel 2005 c'era stato il B-1B "Lancer" ....



.... era presente anche la PAN, i cui aerei si intravedono sullo sfondo nella seconda metà del primo minuto di filmato ....

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Vladimir, in visita al MAKS, guata, voglioso, l'esibizione del "51" ....






.... Pogosyan .... cosa aspetti ad allestirgli un biposto .... non ti sei ancora accorto che non vede l'ora? .... ;)



In volo sul "Superjet 100" ....




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:rotfl: E' vero... poi Putin non è nuovo a questo genere di cose!


Tornando momentaneamente ai bombardieri... Non sapevo della partecipazione del B-1 nel 2005, ma ad ogni modo il B-52 è molto più "iconico" e mi fa un effetto maggiore. Comunque sia poco importa, concentriamoci sul resto.

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:rotfl: E' vero... poi Putin non è nuovo a questo genere di cose!

E non solo lui ....

.... quelli volano tutti .... e su che aerei .... :woot:






Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on Saturday made a 30-minute flight on Sukhoi-34 fighter-bomber, following an example set by his powerful predecessor Vladimir Putin.


Medvedev was shown by Russian television dressed in pilot's flying suit and helmet climbing into the blue jet at Kubinka air base near Moscow. Later he appeared on the screens waving from the cockpit before the plane started taxying before take-off.


"It was a fantastic feeling," Medvedev said after the jet landed half an hour later. "Words cannot convey this feeling."


Medvedev, who has promised the Russian military a major re-armaments programme will go ahead despite the economic crisis, visited the base to see the latest military aircraft.


The visit came four days before Medvedev was due to hold his first talks with U.S. President Barack Obama in London aimed at "pressing the reset button" on their strained bilateral ties.


Medvedev, a former corporate lawyer with no military background, has so far shown little interest in trying out military equipment, unlike his ally and mentor Putin, an ex-KGB spy who stepped down last May after eight years in power.


Putin, who won popularity at home by crushing a separatist rebellion in Chechnya, once chose a supersonic fighter jet to fly in for one of his inspection visits to the restive province.


Portraits of Putin in pilot's gear or navy uniform have become popular among Russians, many of whom associate the revival of Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union with the growth of its military might.

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Vladimir "SuperStar" ....


.... la folla plaudente, i bambini, le pacche sulle spalle, il cono gelato ....








.... troverà mai il tempo per dedicarsi alla "battaglia del grano" .... rshtw8.jpg .... come quel tale suo predecessore?

.... ly8hz.jpg .... :D

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:rotfl: Pinto fai attenzione la prossima volta che suonano alla porta... Dopo questi commenti potresti ricevere una visitina da Piazza Lubyanka :ph34r:


E non solo lui ....

.... quelli volano tutti .... e su che aerei ....


Già, mica male gli aerei!!!

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MAKS 2011 .... Il CSM della VVS afferma: "Verrà costituita una terza pattuglia acrobatica equipaggiata con addestratori Yak-130" ....


Fonte: Ares

A Defense Technology Blog (AW&ST)


More, Not Fewer Russian Display Teams


Posted by Robert Wall at 8/18/2011 10:50 AM CDT



Rumors have been rife in Russia that the air force will reduce its display team activity.


But Col. Gen. Alexander Zelin dispels that notion. Speaking at the Moscow air show, Zelin says the opposite is actually the case: he is looking to set up a third display team.


This one would use Yak-130 trainers, he says.


The pilots will still be combat rated, however.



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Zelin ha dichiarato inoltre che il Su-34 costituisce un fattore determinante nell'ambito del piano di modernizzazione della Forza Aerea ....


DATE: 18/08/11

SOURCE: Flight International


MAKS: Su-34 central to Russian modernisation plan


By Vladimir Karnozov



The Russian air force wants to procure 120 Sukhoi Su-34 strike aircraft, the service's commander has revealed.


Speaking at the MAKS air show in Moscow, Gen Aleksander Zelin said five squadrons will eventually be armed with the two-seat type, with each to have 24 aircraft.


The Russian defence ministry's procurement plan for this year includes 12 Su-34s, and production activities at Sukhoi's NAPO plant in Novosibirsk are gradually picking up.


Orders have been confirmed for 32 Su-34s so far, with seven of these having been accepted into squadron service and a handful more being used by the defence ministry's weapons-assessment units and industry.


The air force is now working with United Aircraft and Sukhoi to firm-up contacts for follow-on batches, and intends to have 70 of the aircraft operational in 2015.


The Su-34 holds a prominent position in Russia's state arms-acquisition programme, which was validated earlier this year and runs until 2020.


It has been developed as a replacement for the air force's Su-24 swing-wing strike aircraft, currently the most numerous type in its combat aircraft inventory and the backbone of its frontal bomber units.


Powered by two AL-31FM engines - developed by NPO Saturn and produced by MMPP Salut - the Su-34 can carry 8,000kg (17,600lb) of weapons on 12 hard points.


In 2010, Russian president Dmitry Medvedev offered Beijing an export version dubbed the Su-32, but there has been no indication so far that China, or any other international customer, is seeking to acquire the aircraft.



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