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Jan den Das

Early Breda bombers

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During the twenties the Italian Breda factory designed and build a few biplane bombers, from which were only build prototype.

Its concerning the following types:


Breda A.3, was powered with four SPAD 200 hp engines (2 in tandem);

Breda A.8, was powered with two Isotta-Fraschini Asso 500 hp engines ( aeroplane based on the A.3);

Breda A.14, was powered with three Bristol radial 450 hp engines;

this aero plane was later rebuild as passenger aero plane.


I am interrested in:

1. History;

2. Colors;

3. Drawings;

4. Dimensions;

5. Pictures;

6. Drawings/pictures who gives an impression of construction of several parts;

7. Other interresting details/materials.


Please dont mention the site of airwar.ru and others, because these pages I already found.




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Hi Jan. The matter you're speaking about is very interesting, but it is about rare aircraft and far in the time for me.

I found this. It's written in russian language. But, with Google translator, maybe....



Hi Hobo

Thanks, but these pages I have already found.

I hope that some one, at least, can help me with impressions/information/etc. concerning the construction, at least the fuselage.

It is also far before my time.




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