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S.A.M.L. A.3 and Breda A.1

Jan den Das

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For some time I try to find details etc. concerning the Breda A.1, or any prove if this ype ever exist, but without any results.

Mostly they I received to look at Airwar.ru, but this and most other sites give they same source, wich I dont trust. There is one picture of an aeroplane which should be an A.1 but when I am checking the serial than its mentioned as an Aviatik and these were build at S.A.M.L. If the A.1 ever excist it should have been a changed modified S.A.M.L. A.3.

So y questions: who can help me with the changes made to the A.3 so it would be an A.1, and if possible drawings and/or pictures of theA.1.

There was one site there was one source mentioned which is interrested and I hope some one can help me with scans of it?

In Annhuario dell'Aeronautica Italiana 1929-1930, Milano, Ed. Libreria Aeronautica, by Jotti de Badia Polesine, was something about the A.1.

I hope someone could help me and concerning the last question, at least let me know how I can get this.



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Thank you for the information.

The only materials I have concerning the Italian Aviatiks are the article from Storia Militare by Achille Vigna and a copy of the part manual of the S.A.M.L. A type.

Using the site you mention I found the following, interresting, details concerning the civil registered Aviatiks, mentioned in that article.

I-BAIS , Aviatik A-2

I-BAOO , Macchi Aviatik

I-BAHP , Calori A-1

I-AAAD , Aviatik A-2

I-AADG , Aviatik A-2

I-AZCB , Aviatik A-2

I-BACD , Aviatik A-2

Interresting to see that 2 where not named Aviatik, I think thats possible that something was also happened with some of the Aviatiks used at the Breda flying school???.

On the russian site airwar.ru they mention the Breda A.1 and the show a picture of the I-BATC and a drawing, on the picture the two places are behind each other, but the drawings is a site by site version. This drawing is an earley drawing of the Breda A-4.

Concerning the I-BATC the following details: Elettroferrovaria A-3.

The details concerning I found on the site of gavs wich you mentionde.

What was Elettroferrovaria??, this aeroplane was from the Breda flyingschool.

Do you know how I can get a copy of the article I mentioned in my previous request, I think this could be interrested and gives (maybe) an answer if the type Breda A-1 ever was used or if that was a conclusion by some one?

I hope you, or some one else, can be of any help?



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I know you have a copy of the parts manual, of the SAML, because was me who sent it to you.

Now a little explication:

I-BAOO is an AVIATIK built by Macchi


several AVIATIKS were built by ELETTROFERROVIARIA (Società Anonima Officine Elettroferroviarie, Via Solori, 173 - Milano)

I think that BREDA A1 was never built, we have Aviatik A1-A2-A3, then SAML S1-S2 and so on, we have also BREDA A2-A3-A4, but no BREDA A1.

Do you need the article of the Annuario 1929/30 Jotti Badia Polesine?

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Thank you for that scan.

I thank some one started an article on wikipede and made an mistake and so is the Breda A-1 started and I am happy that I am not the only one who thinks there is never been a Breda A-1. I think it started with the B-1 an arliner based on the Caproni bomber who was build at the Breda factory during the war.

You offered me to send more scans from that encoclopedia, this would be welcome.

During my inquiry I found that pre war articles gives a lot of technical etc. details also of the lesser known types.

I have alreday several scans/copies of the Breda pages of Jane's, not yet complete.

But also several articles from old Italian magazines.

So it would be very helpfull if you will scan the Breda pages from these encyclopedias.

Thanks you for your help.

With regards


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