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Breda A.13 + Ardea-Bergonzi

Jan den Das

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A lot op people interrested in historical aviation know about the Breda A.14 bomber, only prototype.

Most people dont know about the Breda A.13.

Well this is the same aeroplane, but because that there are people who has problems with 13 is this changed in 14.

I found this information in l'Aeronautice from May 1925.



At the Taliedo airschow in 1919 was at the Breda stand a biplane canard the Ardea-Bergonzi, which also was named Bergonzi-Tonini.

The only this I found is that Bergonzi and Tonini designed and build before the Great War already two Canard monoplanes.

Who can help me with all kind of information/materials concerning the Ardea?




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Bergonzi-Tonini I

monoplano canard biposto, costruito interamente in metallo nel 1912-13. Aveva carrello posteriore al centro di gravità e freni alle ruote. Le ali erano a diedro orizzontale, i comandi completamente rigidi: La fusoliera aveva sezione ovoidale. Era azionato da un motore Gnome 50 HP.




FROM. Luigi Mancini " Grande Enciclopedia Aeronautica". Milano,1936.

Post Scriptum:

BERGONZI - BERNARD is only the alphabetical order in the encyclopedia, not the airplane name.

Caratteristiche del Bergonzi- Tonini I:

apertura m.12

lunghezza m. 5,50

altezza m. 1,55

superficie mq 18

vel./max Km/h 128

vel./min Km/h 65

peso a vuoto Kg. 350

peso totale Kg. 700




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