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Breda SC.4 and SCA.5

Jan den Das

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CAB build the Breda SC.4 and SCA.5

During my inquiry concerning Breda aeroplanes and projects I can not find any good details about these two types.

Now I hope that you can help me with the following details/materials:


1. Dimensions;

2. Drawings;

3. Pictures;

4. History;

5. Other interrestingd details materials.




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I don't think SC means Scuola Caccia and SCA Scuola Caccia Assalto.


P.S. In an old thread yo asked for Breda:

I have Aeroplani D'Italia:

n. 9 Breda

N. 10 Breda/Pensuti

n. 11 Breda B 1 Italia

n. 25 Breda 15

n. 26 Breda 15 Idro

n. 27 Breda 15S

n.33 Breda 27

n. 38 Breda 39

n. 40 Breda 44

n. 47 Breda 88

You can write to me :


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