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Breda A.1

Jan den Das

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In seceretprojects I found the following information concerning the Breda A.1 or Breda 1:

Breda A.1 -- 1924 4-bay biplane light a/c, 1 x 140 hp Colombo 110D, 10.20m span
- A.1: Derived from SAML* A-3 (in turn, derived from licenced Aviatik designs)
-- * Società Anonima Meccanica Lombarda took on Aviatik's designer, Robert Wild.

This sounds verywell and when you look under the Breda A.1 in the site airwar.ru, you find a picture of the I-BECT, but this is mentioned in the register as Aviatik and the drawing they showed is from one of the earley prototypes of the Breda A.4


Is there any one who can give me more information/drawings/pictures/dimenesions/etc.etc. concerning the Breda A.1??



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