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Submarine Design


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Un bello studio del Prof. P.N. Joubert per i ministero della Difesa Australiano, sulla progettazione dei sommergibili.


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The history of submarines shows there were two significant advances in the performance of submarines, which occurred after full scientific studies were undertaken. The first was by the Germans at the end of World War II when they produced the Type 21, which could have upset the balance in the U-Boat campaign if it had arrived earlier. The second was by the US Navy with Albacore which had a submerged speed of over 30 knots. To neglect full scientific studies would be a serious mistake in the design of any future replacement submarine. Design is shown to be like a jigsaw puzzle where altering one piece requires alterations in all surrounding features to make a workable complete design. The basis of improved hydrodynamic features is discussed. A new nose shape is presented which should improve the performance of the forward passive sonar up to operational speeds. Other major sources of resistance may be improved. It is proposed a first major step should be to establish the detailed performance of Collins using wind tunnels and computational fluid dynamics which will serve as the comparative foundation for any new design.

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Classe Virginia "Block V" .... più a buon mercato .... ma .... più rumorosi ....


Good News and Bad News in New U.S. Sub Design ....

‘Block V’ attack boat will be cheap but noisy ....
The U.S. Navy has finally selected which of five candidate designs it will use for its new “Block V” Virginia-class submarines, meant to replace the sailing branch’s existing underwater arsenal vessels starting in around a decade’s time.


Fonte .... https://medium.com/war-is-boring/6a2e251be29c

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Un "Lupo di Mare" .... sotto i ghiacci dell'Artico .... fe2y9z.jpg

An American Submarine Just Slipped Under the Arctic Ice ....

USS Seawolf’s missions and technology are secret ....
Sometime, apparently in August, the U.S. Navy’s nuclear-powered attack submarine USS Seawolf eased out of the port of Bremerton, in Washington State, on what was probably her fifth or sixth deployment since commissioning in 1997.


Fonte .... https://medium.com/war-is-boring/627d050dd4

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