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TT-1 Pinto

1960 .... il giro del mondo in immersione ....

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Nel 1960 un sottomarino a propulsione nucleare dell'US Navy, il Triton (che, all'epoca era il più grosso battello subacqueo del mondo .... una ventina di metri più lungo dei coevi SSBN classe George Washington), effettuò la circumnavigazione del globo in immersione ....





Remember Triton: America’s Pioneer Nuke Sub ....


Steve Weintz recounts the odd — and historic —nuclear-powered Navy submarine USS Triton

In 1960, the Eisenhower era was ending and Ike sought valedictory measures to cap his substantial presidency.

To a summit in Geneva with Nikita Khrushchev, a definitive arms-control agreement and progress in responding to Sputnik, the White House added a naval adventure worthy of Captain Cook.


Fonte .... https://medium.com/war-is-boring/9c4e87e2e6e5







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