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anche se mooooolto in ritardo :D


GRAZIE assai della segnalazione!! video davvero molto interessante.

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Riapro questa vecchia discussione in quanto il mezzo in essa trattato è salito all'onore delle cronache a causa di una diatriba giudiziaria che vede, fra i protagonisti, Leonardo ...


Airbus UH-72A ... Leonardo perde la causa ...

An appellate judge has cleared the US Army to buy a new batch of UH-72As from Airbus, ending a three-year-long battle launched by Leonardo over a decision to award the contract without a competition.
The decision by the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit on 23 January throws a lifeline to Airbus’s final assembly plant for the UH-72A helicopter in Colombus, Mississippi.
Però ... decide di non lasciar perdere ... e passa al contrattacco ...

A three-year-old saga over a US Army plan to buy more Airbus UH-72A Lakota helicopters opened yet another potentially lengthy chapter after Leonardo filed a new legal challenge just as a federal appellate tribunal rejected the last one.
The latest twist in the legal wrangling puts Airbus’ final assembly plant for the UH-72A in Mississippi at risk, despite funded army plans to 51 more Lakotas after the lawsuits are resolved and up to 113 more in the long-term.
Il precedente ... flightglobal.com ... US Army adds 12 more UH-72A Lakotas to trainer order ...
Da seguire ...



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