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E' la PAT Avionics un azienda italiana a fornire questo HUD per piccoli aerei civili, chiamato G-HULP.




G-HULP HUD functions:

  • Airspeed represented through a rolling scale
  • Personalization of common aircraft speeds: VNE,VFE,VLE,VNO,VX,VY,VS,VSO
  • Altimeter height represented through a rolling scale
  • Ability to set the altimeter based on the QFE, QNH or standard regulation
  • Personalization of a reference flag “bug” on the Altimeter
  • Artificial Horizon: pitch and roll axes and reference lines or points
  • Turning rate
  • Yaw rate
  • Compass
  • Outside Air Temperature (OAT)
  • True Air Speed (TAS)
  • G-meter
  • Unit measures (meters, feet, etc.) selectable by the pilot in real time


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