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Jan den Das

Breda A.1 and A.4

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Help needed

Breda A.1

The only information I could find is the site of Airwar.ru.

You can find on the page of the A.1 a picture and a drawing.

The picture shows two cockpits behind each other and the drawing side-by-syde.

The serial I-BACT was registered on 14.12.22 to Breda, Taliedo Destroyed 12.35 and the plane was aa Aviatik A-3.

So I think (I am sure) that the picture is not correct.

The drawing could be correct, because the B.2 had a side-by-syde and also the B.4.


Who has more information/materials concerning the A.1???



Breda A.4

Concerning this type I found a little bit more, but not much.

The pager of the A-4 of Airwar.ru showes a picture with the I-AAAL.

But the I-AAAL was registered to Breda, Sesto San Giovanni on 11.02.30 and was destroyed 04.33 and the type was a Breda Ba.9bis (the cockpits are behind each other)

This type should be have used private and military.

I found that one was gone to Argentina R-189 and I found the following civil Italian registration I-AAAH, AAAI, -AAAJ, -BAAR,



The Ba.4 was build in 3 versions, A-4 with a Colombo 110D engine, A-4HS same as the A-4 but with a Hispano-Suiza engine and the A-4idro.


Who has more information/materials concerning the A.4. Are that all the civil used planes I mentioned and how many and serials concerning the military used.


My interrests are: history/drawings/dimensions (as much as possible)/pictures/colors, but also construction details (and pictures/drawings which gives these details) technical information etc.


I have the civil registration from the site Golden Years of aviation after contact the webmaster he told me that they are not complete.

Is there some on who knows more about the Italian civil aircraft registrations?




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Hi Jan,


for the immatricolation of italian aircrafts I strongly reccomend you to try to contact Giorgio Apostolo

@ www.apostoloeditore.com

In early '70 he published a magazine ITALIAN AVIATION RESEARCH BRANCH where were listed all the italian civil aircrafts since 1978 (in English language BTW)

he may have them available on dvd; meantime I will check for some A.1 and A.4 info on my book collection.


Then you may try to check here:


I've worked for the Breda research site almost 10 years ago and I'm pretty sure that the aviation related documents were completely lost, but something may have changed meantime.





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