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The Most Unique Weapon System


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"Hello Chief, I'm Maj. Jennifer Halter, I am a crew chief on the human weapons system," she said.


Puzzled, I asked for clarification and she replied, "I am a crew chief on the human weapons system. I maintain the critical emotional guidance system of our most valued asset."


She was our new mental health officer.


I paused to consider her unique point of view. Was I a "weapons system?" Did I want to be one? The answer to that question was a quick "yes."

Eh eh eh... meditare gente, meditare. Mi ha fatto ridere questa frase:


"If I find my thrust-to-weight ratio off and my performance slowing, I can go to the health and wellness center and the fitness center for a fitness tune up."

E' un'articolo interessante, su di un sistema d'arma un pò particolare, dategli un'occhiata.



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