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  1. 19/12/2008 Telespazio (Finmeccanica/Thales) wins contract in Turkey worth more than 250 million Euro for the Göktürk satellite system Telespazio, a Finmeccanica/Thales company, has won a tender as prime contractor, supported by Thales Alenia Space (a Thales/Finmeccanica company), from the Turkish Ministry of Defence for the Göktürk satellite system. The programme has a total value of more than 250 million Euro. The agreement covers the supply of an Earth observation satellite equipped with a high-resolution optical sensor, an integration and test centre for satellites to be built in Turkey, and the entire ground segment of the system, which will carry out in-orbit operation, data acquisition and processing. Telespazio will also provide all satellite launch and test services. Telespazio’s offer, which involves local industry on a significant scale, fully met the requirements of the Turkish defence authorities, which chose the Finmeccanica company from a large number of bidders. As part of the project, Telespazio will create a joint venture with a local partner to develop and market application services. Telespazio and Thales Alenia Space are part of the Space Alliance created in 2007 between Finmeccanica and Thales; they contribute, in the fields of space services and satellite systems respectively, to the global development of the space sector. http://www.telespazio.it/pdf/ComFin_Telesp...9_12_08_ING.pdf Congradulations per Italia
  2. È molto duro valutare il costo della prima nave. Ma le speculazioni sono di circa 400 milione dollari. Il costo delle altre navi può cadere inferiore a 300 milioni. La maggior parte dei sistemi stranieri saranno cambiati con le versioni turche in futuro. 12 navi saranno costruite. Inoltre ci è la speculazione circa 4 navi per il pakistan. It is very hard to estimate the cost of the first ship. But the speculations are about 400 million dollars. The cost of the other ships may drop below 300 million.Most foreign systems will be changed with turkish versions in future. 12 ships will be built. Also there is speculation about 4 ships for pakistan
  3. Hull appendages and form optimization and model trials are made by Istanbul Technical University. IR signature forecast and management, electromagnetic compatibility and degaussing system design and integration projects were responsibility of TUBITAK. Any foreign contribution is beyond my knowledge...
  4. First Turkish corvette will be launched within two weeks... It will become fully operational in 2011 F-511 TCG Heybeliada Type: Corvette Displacement: 2,000 t Length: 99.00 m Beam: 14.40 m Draught: 3.75 m Propulsion: 1 gas turbine, 2 diesels, 2 shafts, 30,000 kW Speed: Economy: 15 knots Maximum: 29+ knots Range: 3,500 nautical miles (6,480 km) @ 15 knots Endurance: 21 days with logistic support, 10 days autonomous Complement: 93 including aviation officers, with accommodation for up to 104 Sensors and processing systems: Fire control: G-MSYS (Genesis Milgem Savaş Yönetim Sistemi) Search radar: Aselsan 3D search radar or EADS TRS-3D Other sensors: X-Band radar, fire control radar, navigation radar, LPI radar, sonar Navigation and communication systems: Electronic Navigation, SatCom, ECDIS/WECDIS, GPS, LAN Combat Management System: GENESIS (Gemi Entegre Savaş İdare Sistemi) Navigation and ship control: EPKİS (Entegre Platform Kontrol ve İzleme Sistemi) Integrated Platform Management System: Imtech UniMACS 3000 Electronic warfare and decoys: EW radar, Laser/RF systems, ASW jammers, DG, SSTD Armament: Guns: 1 x 76 mm (retractable for lower radar cross section, guidance by fire control radar and electro-optical systems), A position 2 x 12.7 mm Aselsan STAMP Stabilized Machine Gun Platform (guidance by Laser/IR/TV and electro-optical systems, automatic and manual modes), B position Anti-surface missile: 8 x Harpoon Missile (or RBS15 Mk.III) Anti-aircraft missile: 21 x RAM (Rolling Airframe Missile) PDMS Torpedoes: 2 x 324 mm Mk.32 triple launchers for Mk.46 torpedoes Aircraft carried: Hangar and platform for S-70-B2 Sea Hawk ASW helicopters and/or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), with the capability of storing armaments, 20 tons of JP-5 aircraft fuel, aerial refueling (HIRF) systems and maintenance systems source: WAFF
  5. è la trasmissione di A129 stessa di AW139? is transmission of A 129 same as AW139?
  6. Sto ottenendo l'aiuto da babelfish anche :D I am getting help from babelfish too :D
  7. Politica!!! Non potete fare con loro e non potete fare a meno di loro. Ho molte cose da dire ma il mio italiano non è abbastanza. Così ricapitolerò presto: - Sì, la Turchia cambierà l'equilibrio. Ma il cambiamento sarà per l'Italia e la Spagna. Non per i più piccoli paesi nordici - Sì, il reddito della Turchia è basso. Ma è triplicato dal 2001!!! Se ammettiamo l'entrata in 2016, il reddito raggiungerà i campioni europei - L'immigrazione dei Turchi non sarà problema. Sta diminuendo mentre la Turchia ottiene più ricca. Ma gli Africani saranno problema. Poiché non stanno diventando più ricche Politics!!! You can not do with them and you can not do without them. I have a lot of things to say but my italian is not enough. So I will summarize shortly: - Yes, Turkey will change the equilibrium. But the change will be in favor of Italia and Spain . Not in favor of smaller northern countries -Yes, income of Turkey is low. But it is tripled since 2001!!! If we assume entrance in 2016, income will reach european standards -Immigration of Turks will not be problem. It is decreasing while Turkey gets wealthier.But africans will be problem. Because they are not becoming wealthier
  8. :adorazione: :adorazione: Posso ripartirlo con l'altra gente nelle forums del Internet? O è soltanto per qui? Can i share it with other people in internet forums? Or is it only for here?
  9. Non potrei trovare un'illustrazione con i longaroni e le traverse nell'opuscolo. Voglio imparare la struttura di A-129 I could not find a drawing with spars and stringers in the brochure. I want to learn the structure of A-129
  10. Avete un'illustrazione tagliata di a-129? Do you have a cutaway drawing of a-129?
  11. Ciaoo Ragazzi Sono Turco di Ankara. Mi perdoni, non parlo molto bene Italiano. (Sto imparando l'italiano da 2 settimane ) Sono interessato in elicotteri. Particolarmente A - 129 e aw-149. Ho molte domande a voi Hello, I am a Turk from Ankara. Sorry, i don't know italian very well. ( I have been learning just 2 weeks ). I am intersted in helicopters. Especially A-129 and AW-149. I have many questions for you
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