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Airbus consegna l'ultimo A300

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e così il primo aereo Airbus termina il suo ciclo, dopo 35 anni di produzione.


Airbus delivers last A300 to FedEx


Airbus has today (12 July) delivered to US freight carrier FedEx, the last A300 model from the airframer’s production line, completing a programme which has covered orders for 561 aircraft.


Last year the company said it would close its A300 and A310 production lines once the final aircraft, an A300-600F, was delivered. This will mark the first time that Airbus has discontinued one of its models.



The last A300 built on its first flight in April 2007. Manufacturer serial number (MSN): 878




“Time has proven to us that the A300s and A310s were excellent choices for our fleet,” says FedEx senior vice-president of air operations Jim Parker. “They have given us a great return on investment and proven to be reliable, all of which increases our ability to serve our customers.”


The A300 was the airframer’s first product. It first flew in October 1972 and entered service with Air France in May 1974. From the A300 the manufacturer subsequently developed the A310, which first flew in 1982 and began service with Lufthansa and Swissair a year later.


Airbus received orders for 260 A310s, all but five of which were delivered. The company still has this outstanding order for five A310s, from Iraqi Airways, on its books.


Over half of the current operational fleet of some 630 A300s and A310s, says Airbus, is expected still to be in service beyond 2025.








A300: the aircraft that launched Airbus




The 2007 July 12th delivery of the last ever A300 to FedEx, the operator’s last A300 Airbus widebody aircraft marks the closure of Airbus’ first production line and brings to a close a very special chapter of the company’s history.


In the last four decades, literally millions of employees, airports, airlines, crews and passengers have helped to write that chapter of our history. So, as we turn the page towards new generation aircraft like the A380 and A350 WXB, we would like to invite everyone who has worked or flown on an A300 or A310 to recall their fondest, funniest or most interesting memories and share their anecdotes on:


Nearly forty years ago the Airbus adventure started with the A300B, an innovative response to airlines’ requirements. In 1972 the world’s first widebody twin-aisle commercial aircraft performed its maiden flight, the first steps towards changing the face of modern aviation.


The A300B and its followers, the A300-600 and the A310, had a rather slow start, but as their reputation for economy and reliability spread among airlines, they went on to become market leaders in short to medium haul passenger operations, and the best selling freight aircraft ever. With more than 820 aircraft sold, the A300/A310 Family ultimately included variants, new build and converted freighters, combis, air tankers, military and VIP transport, and Airbus’ fleet of five A300-600ST Belugas.


The constant design evolution across the family, along with the integration of new technology and materials, earned it a place in aviation with many industry “firsts”: the first two-man forward facing cockpit for a twin-aisle, the first application of composites on secondary, then primary structures, the first use of electrical signalling for secondary controls and the introduction of both drag-reducing wingtip devices and centre of gravity control.


Such innovation ensured the A300/A310 Family maintained levels of economic and operational performance that continued to attract new customers and generate airline profits well into the 21st century.


Today, a third of Airbus’ customers operate A300/A310 Family aircraft as part of a wider Airbus fleet and more than 200 of the 650 aircraft currently flying with some 80 operators will still be in service in 2025. The A300/A310 Long Term Support team will ensure that maximum customer satisfaction is maintained throughout the lifecycle of the A300/A310 Family.






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