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Arrivano le 'cicale' .....

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No ..... non sono quei simpatici insetti che sono soliti allietare le nostre estati col loro caratteristico frinire ..... si tratta invece dell'ultimo ritrovato tecnologico nel campo dei micro-droni .....


One of the highlights of the Pentagon’s first-ever Department of Defense Lab Day in Washington, D.C. on May 14 was the demonstration of new micro aerial vehicles known as CICADAs.

These micro-drones, which can be deployed from military aircraft at altitudes close to 50,000 feet and still fit in the palm of your hand, could represent the next big thing in the way wars are waged.
Think military infestations rather than military invasions.


Fonte ..... "CICADAs, LOCUSTs and the new innovation of military infestations" ..... http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/innovations/wp/2015/05/20/cicadas-locusts-and-the-new-innovation-of-military-infestations/?wpisrc=nl_innov&wpmm=1

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